#wetherbyhour LIVE

Tuesday 5th November 2019 (7-9pm)

It's our final tweetup for 2019 and we are bringing a touch of luxury to our final event. Join us at Woodhall Hotel & Spa, the perfect luxury hotel in West Yorkshire for you to enjoy a weekend break, family getaway, some rest and relaxation, and of course meet brand new contacts. We may have a few special guests joining us too, make sure yo follow us on all our social media channels for regular updates.

This is free networking at it's best, come and connect with great businesses and we have a great prize up for grabs on the evening in our prize draw - you have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

We are committed to giving small independent businesses a 'BIGGER' local voice and that's why our networking events are free to attend. We have also injected the fun element into meeting new contacts, so whether networking comes naturally to you or not, we can guarantee a 'no-pressure environment' and leave with brand new contacts.

Remember you don't have to be on any form of social media to meet new people face-to-face, you don't even have to stay for the full event! Drop-in and out as you please.

We are open to all businesses within a 30-mile radius of Wetherby, providing a truly local feel.

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Take a peek at our next venue...
Wood Hall Hotel & Spa
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Highlights from our last event
The Castle Inn, Spofforth

Congrats to our prize draw winner Dipesh Mistry from Barclay Bank, who won a £25 meal voucher, courtesy of our amazing hosts, Sant' Angelo Italian Restaurant. Enjoy revisiting this fantastic place.

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Top Tips...
Be Yourself

Networking events are meant as jumping-off points for relationship building. If you can't be yourself, you’ll be starting off these new relationships with a lie. Don’t try to be the person you think others want to meet. Be genuine. The people you connect with when you are authentic are the ones you’ll want to stay in touch with.

Set reasonable expectations

When attending an event, understand what you are there to do. Is your goal to feel out a new organization and get to know the vibe? Is it to meet five new people? Is it to meet one or two specific people? These are all reasonable expectations and it takes a little pre-planning to set these goals.

Don’t be afraid to join in

There is nothing wrong with joining a conversation and waiting for a natural break in the chatter to introduce yourself. In most cases, the people who are already speaking will enjoy the interruption because it gives them a chance to meet someone new. If you sense that you’ve entered into a serious discussion, it’s okay to politely excuse yourself.

Sharing is caring

If you are willing to share your contacts and resources, others will be more likely to help you as well. Develop a sincerity in your giving nature without expectation of something in return.

Remember your business cards

If you have a stimulating conversation about your business and the person you are speaking with is genuinely interested in your services,  then they will ASK for it. Remember business cards in networking events serve as a convenient way to respond to a request for your contact information.

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