Wish you had never started Elf on the Shelf... here's your get out clause!

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

OKK so the thought of doing Elf on the Shelf was exciting, but the kids have got bored or you have run out of ideas! Don't worry, whether its a couple of days off you need or to retire that Elf for the remainder of the Christmas lead up, here are two great ideas that will help...

Take a Sick Day

Even Elves find themselves under the weather from time to time. If yours feels the chills, get a doctor's note so he can take some much-needed time off. Image: today show

On Strike

Put your Elf on the Shelf on Strike for bad behaviour. Image: Daily Mail

The final break - and this is a good one!

This is the best! Get your kids to clean their room and put a stop to his naughty ways too. Sit back and relax until next year. Image: Goodhousekeeping

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