Whistle doe the Wind with Wetherby Musical Theatre Group

Set in the Southern American state of Louisiana, an escaped convict “The Man”, hides in a barn, where he is discovered by the farmer’s family of children.

Believing “The Man”, to be Jesus, they do everything they can to hide, feed and protect him from capture by the local sheriff and townsfolk. Spoiling the town’s evening entertainment, and the love interests of Swallow and “The Man” and Edward’s daughter and a local boy who long to escape to what they feel would be a more liberated life, the man is eventually cornered; but, is he captured?

A musically expressed and atmospheric scenario of children’s innocence and coming of age and of adults desire to maintain authority and the status quo. All of this interspersed with young love and the juxtaposition of children’s innocence and happiness with adults’ authority and anger.

Brilliant songs by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Jim Steinman, including some popularised by Meat Loaf, Boyzone and The Everley Brothers, giving a modern, exciting musical interpretation to, whilst losing none of the poignancy of, the original film.

Tickets are available online, from Wetherby Library or, if you would prefer, please send this slip, along with a stamped addressed envelope and cheque made payable to Wetherby Musical Theatre Group to: 15 Shaw Barn Croft, Wetherby LS22 6GN

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