When The Toilet Paper Is Gone, What Will You Do?

When the toilet paper is gone from all the stores, now what? If you are not lucky enough to have a bidet installed, we came across foodstoreagemoms who had some great ideas, take a look below:

Toilet Paper-Family Cloth

No one wants to talk about toilet stuff. I get it. But here’s the deal, we need to talk about it. We all use the bathroom so let’s just lay all the cards out. Number one, I want my own emergency toilet and I want toilet paper to go with it. Here's how to make your own toilet paper cloth. I made mine in ten-inch squares. I am going to sew around all the edges to keep them from fraying. Or I might sew them and turn them inside out and top-stitch. I bought a small garbage can and inside that can I have a zippered clothes bag to put the soiled cloth in to wash later. I will add apple cider vinegar to the water with my laundry soap to wash them.

Water Bottles For Rinsing

In the picture above you see two bottles. These can be filled with water and a drop or two of essential oil to rinse our private areas. It might seem really crazy to think about making your own cloth toilet paper. Well, these are really soft flannel squares with zero chemicals and fewer trees will be cut down than they need to make regular toilet paper. My daughters grew up with cloth diapers. I think more and more young mothers realize how expensive disposable diapers are. I keep reading where some very smart young mothers are starting to use cloth diapers.

In our convenient disposable world we can see some of you baulking at the idea of washing toilet cloths but when you consider wet wipes, including so-called 'flushable' wipes, don't break down in the sewer system as they contain plastic which builds up over time and can cause a blockage - isn't it one worth taking?

We couldn't consider anything worse than being stuck at home in isolation with a blocked sewer system!

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