Wetherby Welcomes the World - the countdown is on...

There are some great advertising opportunities for local businesses throughout the Yorkshire 2019 Para-Cycling International coming through Wetherby on Saturday 21st September.

Get involved. Get seen. Be part of your amazing community.

Over the next couple of days Wetherby Town Council are going to be looking at the opportunities that Welcome to Wetherby have secured for local businesses who want to take advantage of the estimated 7,000 people who will be in town on 21st September.

Here's a note from our Town Council's facebook page, we'd recommend giving it a follow here to stay up to date with all the latest about the event.

There will be a big screen in the Market Place fanzone and we can offer local businesses the opportunity of having an advert on it as part of a slideshow showcasing what Wetherby has to offer. If you can supply an advert that meets the specification given then please send it through ASAP.

We are also producing 2,000 copies of an event guide giving fans details of what’s happening and where on 21st September. We want to use this to encourage people to come back to town another day, so if you’d like to have an advert and voucher included then get in touch. We need high quality images in pdf or jpg/png formats and for inclusion in the event guide they should offer an incentive that will attract people back to town at a later date, such as a coupon or discount code.

E-mail welcometowetherby@wetherby.co.uk to register your interest and submit your images. Time is running out and this is a final call to anyone who wants to take part, so all adverts must be received by 5pm on Friday.

If you run a business in Wetherby then why should you do this?

Take a look at this comment that we received on our page yesterday: “Having been on the planning committee for Garforth TdY community events, local businesses reported takings of up to a month in just one day in 2018 so were extremely keen to welcome the event back in 2019.” Be ready to make the most of this opportunity that Wetherby has been given!

If you’ve already been in touch with Welcome to Wetherby then you don’t need to re-register.

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