West Yorkshire Police warning after 'bogus caller' burglars target students and elderly

Bogus callers have been targeting students and the elderly in West Yorkshire

Police have issued a warning after a spate of burglaries in West Yorkshire where suspects pretended to be from the council or utility companies....

They urge residents to be careful when opening the door to strangers, warning that burglars target the elderly and shared student homes with the scam.

West Yorkshire Police revealed the details of three recent burglaries involving bogus callers.

-> Man due to appear in court charged with burglary at elderly man's Leeds home

In Fartown, a male claiming to be from the Water Board distracted the occupant by drawing them outside of their house. The man stole cash and jewellery form the property.

In Heckmondwike, two males knocked on both the front and the back doors of a house. The occupant opened the door to one man and is distracted by the other person, resulting in an item being stolen.

In Deighton, two males claimed to be from the council's plumbing services and stole cash from a house.

West Yorkshire Police advise residents never to let someone in unless they can prove who they are.

In the warning, they said: "Thieves will attempt to get into houses by pretending to be from your landlord carrying out repairs or a utility company taking meter readings. Don’t let them pressure you into letting them in or distract you, they often work in pairs and are very believable."

Leeds bogus caller

In an earlier community alert, North East Leeds police warned of another bogus caller who had targeted a house in Moortown.

On Friday, August 30 the suspect targeted a property in the Greenwood Park area, posing in a high vis jacket before stealing a jewellery box.

The suspect knocked on the victim's door between 12pm and 12.30pm, stating that his name was Antony and that he was from a company checking the condition of the property.

He was invited into the property by the victim, before asking for a glass of water.

Whilst the victim was getting the water, the suspect carried out a search of the property and left.

The victim soon realised that a glass and a jewellery box, containing a pin, had been taken.

Anyone with information should contact West Yorkshire Police on 101 quoting reference number 44788.


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