Welcome to Reading Roots Bookshop

We love to share a new business coming to our beautiful town, but it's even more special when we share new businesses opening despite the restrictions and tough circumstances at the moment.

A warm welcome to Reading Roots Bookshop, Wetherby's new independent bookshop now open at 29 Market Place.

Meet Keira Frances, the delightful face behind this new venture.

Keira said recently;

And just like that (‘that’ being months and months of problems and obstacles), I have a BOOKSHOP! It’s been a mad rush this week to meet my opening day goal, and I couldn’t have done it without the incredible hands-on support from my parents, Ian and Carole, or my sister and brother-in-law, Jade and Luke. Lots of decorating to go but we’re open!! With books!! Lots and lots of books! Come visit (and help me pay my rent) Quote from Facebook

Open every day until Christmas.

If you'd like to reserve a book, or have any bookish enquiries, please contact Keira at:

books@readingroots.co.uk or call 01937 918140 - In the meantime, you can keep buying books online at uk.bookshop.org/shop/readingroots

Well done Keira and good luck with your new adventure.

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