Weird facts most people don't know

Prepare to have your mind blown. We've chosen the top 10 weird facts you are going to sleep better tonight for now knowing...

1. Flamingos bend their legs at the ankle, not the knee!

They essentially stand on tip-toe. Their knees are closer to the body and are covered by feathers.

2. Sloths can hold their breath longer than dolphins can.

By slowing their heart rates, sloths can hold their breath for up to 40 minutes. Dolphins need to come up for air after about ten minutes.

3. It’s impossible to hum while holding your nose.

You just tested it, didn’t you? Normally, when you hum, the air is able to escape through your nose to create the sound, and of course, it can’t do that when you’re holding it shut. This is one of the weird facts you can test out for yourself. Go ahead, try it

4. Octopuses have three hearts.

Squids do too. One pumps blood to their whole systems, and two are dedicated just to the gills.

5. Lobsters taste with their feet.

Tiny bristles inside a lobster’s little pincers are their equivalent to human taste buds. Meanwhile, lobsters’ teeth are in one of their three stomachs.

6. Blue whale tongues can weigh as much as an elephant.

Their hearts, meanwhile, can weigh almost a ton and needs to beat just once every ten seconds.

7. A flock of ravens is called an “unkindness”

They’re also known as a “conspiracy,” which is equally creepy.

8. Shadows are darker on the Moon.

On Earth, the atmosphere scatters more sunlight, so our shadows aren’t too dark. But on the Moon, shadows are so dark that Neil Armstrong said he had trouble seeing where he was going.

Image: Taffpixture/shutterstock

9. Some sea cucumbers fight with their guts (literally)

When threatened, they’ll shoot out their internal organs, which are poisonous to predators. They’ll sometimes get rid of their entire digestive systems—but the organs grow back.

Image: Ethan Daniels/Shutterstock

10. “Albert Einstein” is an anagram for “ten elite brains”

Seems fitting.


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