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Electric Car charger installers covering Yorkshire.

Authorised by the Office of Low Emission Vehicles since 2016, installing smart car charging points on the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme and Workplace Charging Scheme.

Official Partners to Rolec EV and EO Charging, installing the very best in smart car charging technology and equipment.

Each electric car charger installation will be surveyed, designed, quoted and installed to the highest standards.

EV Chargers

They come under many names but Utley EV have been installing EV charge points, WallPods, Car Chargers and all the other variations since 2016.

All our chargers mentioned below are :

  • Compatible with all plug-in vehicle brands

  • Power Ratings: 3.6kW & 7.2kW

  • Eligible for a £500 OLEV grant

  • 18th Edition IET Wiring Regs Compliant

  • Meet the new ‘Smart’ requirements OLEV Grants*

For the Home

Rolec Home Smart EV

The Rolec Home Smart WallPod range is a low-cost, entry level smart charging unit, designed to offer full Mode 3 fast charging for every Electric Vehicle on the market. It is available in either tethered cable, or socket versions.

OLEV Grant

The OLEV Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme offers electric vehicle owners grants up to £500 off the total cost of a charge point installation at the home. Do you qualify?

For the Workplace

We can offer a number of chargers for the workplace. Rolec being the standout manufacturer for us. They have a number of solutions available but the SecuriCharge is very popular for good reason. It’s robust, well priced and available on the Workplace charging Scheme. The twin outlet version being particularly cost effective as you can claim two £500 grants for the one unit. Yes that’s £1000 off the installation cost of the twin outlet version.

Grants for the Workplace

The OLEV Workplace Charging Scheme offers grants for companies expressing an interest in having electric vehicles within their fleet. £500 per charge point and up to 20 charge points per company meaning a potential grant allocation of £10,000.

Does your business qualify for the OLEV WCS grant?

To qualify, you must satisfy at least the following:

  • You must have an interest in electric vehicle charge points at the business

  • You must have sufficient off-street parking

  • Choose only an OLEV WCS approved charge point

  • You must use an OLEV WCS approved charge point installer a bit like us

Your local EV Charge Point Experts

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