Travelling between Tiers? You need to read this

Police stopping cars on West Yorkshire border to ask them why they're travelling despite Tier 3 restrictions - North Yorkshire Police has confirmed officers will stop drivers at the border with West Yorkshire to ask where and why they are travelling.

It comes as West Yorkshire was placed into Tier 3 level Covid restrictions but North Yorkshire was placed into Tier 2.

BBC Look North's Emma Glasbey, shared a photograph of officers stopping drivers and questioning them. She said: "North Yorkshire Police (Tier 2) on the border with West Yorkshire (Tier 3) talking to drivers about where they’re travelling from, where they’re going & why. Govt guidance says people in Tier 3 should avoid travelling outside their area."

Many areas of north Leeds share a border with North Yorkshire - with market towns such as Otley, Wetherby and Bramham being particularly close.

Under the new rules, this means pubs, bars and restaurants must remain shut in an area such as Boston Spa, but can reopen just a ten minute drive away in Tadcaster.

However, despite the close proximity, North Yorkshire Police are urging people not to travel to the Tier 2 area to visit these venues.

It has warned that West Yorkshire people who do travel for such reasons will have action taken against them.

Superintendent Mike Walker, North Yorkshire Police lead for their Covid response said: “From Wednesday, December 2, we move into the tiered local restrictions and guidance around travel becomes specific to each tier.

"I would encourage residents to consult the relevant Government guidance for their area and ensure they are aware of what they can and can’t do.

“Those living in tier 3 areas are advised not to travel out of the area unless it is necessary, such as for work or education.

"I realise there may be some confusion over what is deemed necessary in these circumstances, so I’d like to be clear here; it is neither necessary or acceptable to leave a tier 3 area and enter a lower tier area for a day trip or to visit a pub or restaurant for a meal.

"Please also be reminded that your tier restrictions travel with you and police can take enforcement action against you, if you should breach those restrictions."

Spt. Walker added: “To those living in tier 3 areas, please do not try to side-step the tighter restrictions in your area by visiting neighbouring tier 2 areas for a day or night out.

"If you do, you may inadvertently bring the virus in with you and increase the chance of transmission to local residents.

“North Yorkshire Police will be actively patrolling and will have an increased presence in these border areas and we will be policing the Coronavirus regulations.

"Our safety camera fleet, which are equipped with ANPR, will also be visible along various routes into the region.

“North Yorkshire is well-known for its hospitality and warmth, but right now we have to ask visitors to stay in their own tier area for the health and safety of our most vulnerable residents. If you have a visit planned, please reschedule to a time where we are able to give you a proper welcome to our beautiful county.”


Check the guidance for your area to see what you can and can't do here

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