Town’s history in focus online

Over 70 new pages of fascinating historical facts and titbits about Wetherby have been added to the Wetherby Civic Society website.

Ranging from the true story of Wetherby Bridge to popular legends of local ghosts and ghouls, many facts and stories people may never have realised about Wetherby have been uploaded.

Civic Society member, Craig Burton, was inspired to gather the information while seeking history on his house. The more he explored, the more he discovered about the town.

Craig said: “Once I discovered so much interesting information I wanted to find a way to share it with others.

“Having made a start on the website, others soon got in touch saying did you know about this or that.

“Now we have a great place for local people, visitors and even people from around the world to find out more about Wetherby.”

Contributions to the website - - have been made by both eminent historians and local folk with a tale to tell.

The project is now being widened to local Schools who have been invited to create their own Living History pages on the site.

Each page is illustrated with photos and images both old and new from around the town.

Craig added: “There will always be more to tell and we are really keen to encourage others to have a look and share their stories with us so that these can be added.

“As we get new stories and information new pages are being added on a weekly basis.”

Wetherby Civic Society is celebrating its 25th anniversary and over the years has helped place 21 Blue Plaques on buildings and sites of historic interest in the town.


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