Tips to keep toasty

As we hit our coldest spell yet, it can be tricky to stay warm without hitting the thermostat and cranking up the heat. Here's a few tips to hop you stay warm and you don't have to pay more in utilities to do it.

Layer Up

Adding layers can insulate your body and make it easier to regulate your body temperature. You can add and remove layers to keep you as warm as you want.

Get out the slipper socks

Warm feet keep you feeling much warmer in the whole. Thick socks, slipper socks or slippers are ideal to keep the chill off your toes.

Cook up a storm

The oven generates heat in your kitchen, so as you are rustling up a tasty treat, you are also warming through the space you are working in.

Warm yourself from the inside out

Opt for warmer meals in the colder months, such as soup. You could even make your own as sup takes a while to cook, the simmering pot will leave your kitchen area toasty warm.

Snuggle Up

Whether it's with your partner or children, snuggle up on the couch to keep each other warm

Grab a Throw

There are some rather amazing throws out there! From chunky knits to fleece blankets, wrap yourself up in a toasty bundle.

Do Something Active

Movement generates body heat,so do something active to turn up the heat. From cleaning the house to tackling home repairs, you not only tick one job off the list but you keep yourself warm too.

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