Thinking about making changes to your home in 2021?

Eleanor Goddard from Furnish & Fettle shares some of her thoughts about how the last extraordinary year will influence how people are choosing to design their homes.

Design Evolves

There is always talk of trends in interior design, but it’s something that I personally haven’t ever really engaged with. Trends by definition are transient and forever changing and that really isn’t a very practical to approach designing a home. However, design does evolve and there are some definite key themes that are becoming apparent” says Eleanor.

Bringing the Outdoors in

The world being turned upside down has forced everyone to embrace the great outdoors and to appreciate the wellbeing benefits of engaging with nature. Unfortunately, here in Yorkshire the weather doesn’t always mean that we can enjoy being outside, so the perfect antidote is to bring the outside in. This can be done by using green and earthy colours, using natural materials such as wood or rattan or simply by adding lots of plants to the design.


No longer are our homes just a bed for the night. For many people their lives are now centred around being at home and this has led to us seeing people keener to create a living environment with more flair and personality. Strong bold colours are proving popular and are a relatively easy way to add a statement.


Concepts such as Hygge, Japandi and Dolce Vita have been around for years but are now really coming into their own as we all have a strong yearning to create our own personal sanctuary where we can relax. Spending more time on the sofa has led to a greater understanding of the value of really comfy furniture that provides the support to keep you feeling comfortable and relaxed.


We’ve been talking about it for a while, but finally, in the grip of a global crisis, the environmental impact of home design is being considered more and more. People are actively choosing to shop sustainably and invest in quality pieces that they can enjoy for years, as well as wanting to support the local crafts people and independent businesses in their communities.

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