These Furniture Designers Are Using The Most Unimaginable Materials

Leather, silk and wood are so last year! We’re on trend with the newest, hipest items out there and they aren’t made using these materials. Recycling old materials and re-purposing them into functional and exceptionally designed furniture and home decor is the new fab…and we’re loving it! Not only is this new trend environmentally friendly, but it also provides buyers with unique furniture that none of their friends have…”oohs and aahs” followed by compliments galore. Who else has had enough of Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware?! It’s time for unique furniture using the most bizarre materials…fasten your seat belts!

Bike Chain Chandeliers

Yep, you read that correctly! Chandeliers are statement pieces on their own, let alone when made out of strange materials. We have all seen a jaw-dropping crystal chandelier that we totally envision in our own home…who wouldn’t want to feel like a queen every morning? The impressive light source is most commonly seen in foyers or entryways, but the glitzy piece of decor can also be seen making its way to the bedroom, bathroom and even the closet! LA-based multidisciplinary artist Carolina Fontoura Alzaga has put her own touch on the impressive chandeliers we all know and love. The amazing (and totally cool) artist lives for salvaging objects of disuse and beautifying them into art. We can all agree that Carolina has done just that…and more! What a cool, out-of-the-box idea. Thank you for re-imagining design for the better and constantly keeping us on our toes!

Inflatable Steel Chairs

No, we’re not talking about the blow-up plastic furniture seen across college dorm rooms that pops in a second. We’re talking about, get ready for it…inflatable steel! What is it you ask? The furniture is made from sheets of steel that is welded at the edges. All you need to do is unfold the flat object and pump it up using a bike pump or air compressor…sorry dad, your lungs won’t do! The unique collection was curated because of the designer’s desire to create durable, lightweight pieces of furniture that were easy to transport, even for a 5 year old! Polish architect and designer Oskar Zieta is the mastermind behind the ingenious furniture design. The line of couches and chairs are available in many bright shades, sure to add a pop of color to any space. Oskar’s goal is to create innovative solutions that generate endless possibilities for development and usage…he has definitely delivered!

Annie Evelyn

If you haven’t heard of artist and designer Annie Evelyn, you need to search her name on Google right now and see what this woman is made of. She uses a range of materials in her work, in addition to a range of processes. This trailblazer is known to tessellate metal to create soft upholstered seating and to embed fresh cut flowers into her furniture to provide added aroma…can you say unique?! The designer is quoted saying “I use furniture’s inherent interactive qualities and relationship to the human body to create new and surprising experiences”. Oshibana is the designer’s name for the flower chair below. Amazingly enough, the flowers that make up this extremely comfortable chair (I know because I’ve sat on it!) are hand-made…just let that sink in. Besides silk flowers, foam, and wood, the only other ingredient used to make this masterpiece is…artistry and unparalleled talent. All of Annie’s pieces are truly exceptional, nothing short of genius, if you ask me.

Good design is changing the way we live for the better. Instead of sticking with mundane materials, there are designers out there who are pushing the boundaries, and in more ways than one. Using environmentally friendly materials, employing Eco ways of manufacturing AND creating beautiful pieces of art? These designers need a round of applause, for not only their boldness, but their desire to save our earth, one exceptional piece at a time.


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