Ten strangest UK parking laws

Drivers who want to steer clear of hefty fines have been urged to get to grips with ten of the strangest British parking laws.

Researchers from LeaseVan.co.uk have revealed some of the lesser known parking laws that apply in the UK and advised vehicle owners to take note or risk being caught out by authorities.

Offences that could land motorists in hot water include saving a space, using the pavement and parking badly.

Tim Alcock of LeaseVan.co.uk said: “Vehicle owners across the country could be breaking the law simply by parking their vehicles, and not even realise it.

“It’s easy to use common sense and we’ve all got used to the wide array of rules that can apply in private car parks and where permits are required.

“But there are many more obscure rules that drivers could still fall foul of when parking on a public road.

“To help Brits avoid getting caught out by the relevant authorities, we’ve highlighted ten of the strangest parking laws in the UK and urge all motorists to take note.”

Here is the LeaseVan.co.uk list of the ten strangest parking laws in the UK:

1. Don’t save a space

Using wheelie bins, cones or other objects to reserve a parking space near your house or workspace could see drivers fined as it may be seen as causing a dangerous obstruction on the road.

2. Leave the lights on

Vehicles parked on a road where the speed limit is more than 30mph, facing away from the traffic or outside of a designated parking area should technically have their side lights left on overnight, to help prevent a nasty collision.

3. Check all mirrors

Drivers and passengers need to check all their mirrors before exiting a parked vehicle, as it’s always the occupants’ responsibility to make sure that opening doors won’t impede passing pedestrians, cyclists or vehicles.

4. Avoid the pavement

Though it’s commonplace on tight residential streets across the country, parking on the pavement has been outlawed by default in London since the 1970s unless permission is otherwise granted. For the rest of the UK, the practice isn’t allowed where it might cause an obstruction.

5. Hug the kerb

Bad drivers who essentially abandon their vehicle in the middle of the road by parking more than 50cm away from the kerb could be faced with an immediate on the spot fine.

6. Give junctions a wide berth

It doesn’t matter if it’s the only space close to your house or work – parking within 10m of a junction is prohibited, to maintain road safety.

7. Keep it clean

If a motorist allows their vehicle to build up too much dirt while it’s parked they’re breaking the law, as having an unreadable number plate is illegal.

8. Don’t use cycle lanes

Parking over a designated cycle lane that’s painted on the carriageway isn’t allowed – it would, technically, be blocking a lane – so drivers should look elsewhere for a space.

9. No beeping

Pulling up outside a friend, relative or colleague’s address and announcing your arrival with a beep is not permitted, as any use of a vehicle’s horn while it’s stationary is against the law. This also applies to taxis and delivery drivers.

10. Only load big items

Vehicle owners can only use double yellow lines for loading if the goods being dropped off or collected are of sufficient size, weight or difficulty. Grabbing a quick coffee or lunch time meal deal doesn’t count.


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