Spend your money with community spirit

Spend your money with community spirit

You'll have heard the phrase 'buy local' a thousand times and most of those will be through our very own messages and posts, but have you ever thought what that actually means?

Buying local is when you purchase something from an independent business, artisan or farm and it can also boost your local economy... so while you are getting a great deal on something from your High Street or I-Street, you are also doing great things for the place you live and that's definitely a deal that you shouldn't pass up!

Shopping local has some great benefits, from boosting your local job growth to better quality items, not to mention the advantage this brings to the environment and pollution with less car journeys.

Our 'Handpicked Savers' bring you even greater offerings from your local area and helps you spend your money with a little community spirit.

What's on offer this week?

Sant' Angelo's Italian Restaurant - Wetherby

Buy one, get one free on Thursday 2nd May. This deal is by reservation only and available from 5pm-8pm - call 01937 581422 to book.

Your cheapest item is free. Two people are entitles to one free dish. Four people are entitled to two free dishes, etc

The Engine Shed - Wetherby

Get 25% off Wedding Venue Hire in May and June at one of Yorkshire's leading party venues.

Handpicked Wetherby

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Just For fun Theatre Group

Join the fastest growing children's theatre group in your area, with a free trial session. What better way to find out whether your pride and joy's will love the fun an excitement on offer?

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