Some great hacks to get you through the New Year celebrations

Start the new year off right.

If you're wearing heels (but you usually hate every second of it), tape your toes.

These two toes share a nerve that can become strained when the toes are separated, which can happen when you’re wearing heels for too long. Taping the toes together can help to alleviate any pain. (It really works!)

Sandpaper the soles of unworn shoes for better traction.

Champagne + icy paths + drunk = broken ankle. Let's keep those Bambi on ice moves in the movie!

Line the inside of a shoe with a panty liner to absorb sweat and keep your foot from slipping.

Added bonus: Removing the liner at the end of the day will also remove any foot odor.

Use Strappy Strips Foot Cushions in the straps of your heels to keep from getting cuts and blisters.

Keep a microwaveable rice pack in your coat pocket.

It's not just your feet that you need to keep warm. This is a great idea for keeping the pinkies toasty too.

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