Animals Who Disturb These Photo Shoots Are The Real Heroes

We all hate having our photo taken. Unless we’re a celebrity and used to all the attention, it can be hard to focus and get a flattering picture. It turns out that this isn’t just a concern restricted to humans! Animals also resist the camera sometimes.

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Hey, What’s Up?

To the everyday animal in the wild, a camera can look like a strange device. Just what exactly is this big, black thing pointing in my face? Not today! This cheetah clearly wanted to learn more about the artistic process and so he got right up and personal with the photographer.

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We love how comfortable these two seem to be next to each other. Whoever said curiosity killed the cat clearly never met this budding photographer feline!

Here’s What You Look Like…

We’ve all had our photo taken and begged the photographer to show us the image. Sometimes our hair is out of shape, other times we’re caught blinking at the worst time. It turns out that this fox has the same concerns as the rest of us!

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Here, the photographer is getting nice and personal with this little guy as they look at some of their most recent photos. What do you think they saw together? Let’s hope the sly fox approves all the photos he sees!

Don’t Mind Me…

They always say that photographers shouldn’t interfere with nature while on location. However, that can be quite hard when nature literally climbs on top of you! Now, he’s stuck between a seal and a hard place: what’s next for this poor chap?

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Well, it turns out that he has a sense of humor about the whole thing. Someone managed to snap these two… um… bonding while out on the nature trail together. To us, this photo is better than anything else he could have captured! What do you think?

What Are You Looking At?

Curiosity may kill the cat, but interest inspires the fox! Here, we can see how this little fox is taken some time out of playing in the snow to explore the wonders of technology. The photographer, meanwhile, can’t believe his luck!

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Now, this fox will have a selfie of the ages: with his big brown eyes filling up the space and his nose just waiting to be bopped! What a good boy he is for staying so still.

I Can Be A Toupee, Too!

It’s hard to see where this man’s hair ends and this adorable white tiger ends. Can you imagine having such an incredible feline climb over your body like this? It just goes to show how all cats love acting like cats!

This is definitely one of the most intimate pictures between man and nature so far. We’re delighted someone managed to capture this image while they were playing. What do you think the original photo looked like?

Joining The Family

This photographer had a neat surprise when he was marching trying to find bears to snap. What he couldn’t predict, however, was he would be welcomed into a brand new family! Just like The Jungle Book!

Here, we can see how amazingly the bears are welcoming him into the pack – even giving him a haircut. We don’t recommend you do this – who knows what might happen! Hopefully, he got the photo and quickly made a safe escape.

Birdie Selfie

This bird is joining the selfie game! Good thinking from this photographer who decided to get a snap of this bird, who is busy making himself comfortable on a head! Look at that perfect balance.

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We’re not sure if the bird was lured there with food or if this is a happy coincidence. Either way, we think the snap is a great find. We’d love to see the final image of this and see how it came out.

Papa, Can You Hear Me?

We’re not sure this is how cameras work! While this deer is busy using this camera as a microphone, we imagine he’s blocking all light needed to catch a photo. Still, the cheeky grin from the human makes this all worth it.

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Let’s hope the deer didn’t cause too much damage when he was playing with the equipment. After all, they don’t know their own strength. This next image will make you question all reality…


This guy is quick as a fox! Some photographer tried to hide in a big ball of snow to capture the most authentic pictures of foxes in nature. However, he didn’t anticipate just how clever this fox is and got more than he bargained for!

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This cheeky creature jumped at the chance to inspect the camera lens that was popping out of this ball of ice. Can you imagine how cute the final picture was? We would love to see it.

Look Behind You!

Have you ever seen a squirrel this friendly? One unsuspecting photographer is unaware that one of nature’s cutest creatures is right on top of his bag! He must have some tasty treats to lure a sneaky squirrel this close to him.

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The photographer may have never seen this little guy, but this photo exists because someone else did! Thankfully, they took the picture and we can see how cute he is. It’s like nature’s version of Ratatouille!

Guys, I’m Over Here!

Anyone with a young toddler knows that sometimes you need a little help to get your subjects to look at the camera. Well, this photographer decided to employ his good friend, the meerkat, to capture his friends’ attention.

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Do we think it paid off? At this time, it’s almost impossible to know. However, we do know that this photo is an awesome example of how humans and animals can work together to get the perfect shot.

Fantastic Foxes

It’s pretty amazing how inquisitive foxes are when they see a photographer. How is it that they manage to hide or examine the photo each time? We really love how they like to be behind the camera as well as in front of it.

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Here, we can see just how nosy he is. As our female friend bends down to snap her shot, it almost looks as though the fox is about to strike a jump. Let’s hope nothing bad happened.

You May Now Kiss The… Photographer?

Can you think of a more adorable photo? Here is a woman just trying to snap a nature shot, but here comes this little guy! And what a cheeky guy he is – going straight in for a kiss! He must know how irresistible he is to animal lovers.

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Amazingly, someone snapped this photo up during the intimate moment between these two. We’re not sure if the lady in shot managed to take her photo, but look at what we have instead? Very cute.

My Turn!

This is probably the worst thing that can happen to you during a photoshoot! Imagine the horror when your subject decides that enough is enough and wants her own camera. Well, this lion is showing us that she doesn’t want her photo taken – she would rather take the photos!

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As she embarks on her new career, we can’t help but think of HOW she got that camera? Let’s hope no one was hurt or attacked and that she picked it up off the ground, let’s take a look at how she did it, shall we?

Caught In The Act

Here’s the photo taken right before this lion decided to take the camera that belonged to humans! Thankfully, everyone was at a safe distance from the Queen of the Jungle when she decided to take this camera for herself.

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What’s more, she didn’t even say thank you! Let’s hope her new career in photography isn’t in vain and it isn’t a waste for the humans. Do you think insurance covers this? We hope so, for the humans’ sake!

Say Cheese!

Here’s another example of how animals can take over from humans and snap their own photos. Since this fox is a little smaller than a lion, this human could get up close and take this amazing image of the turned tables!

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We’re pretty interested in the quality of a photo that was taken by an actual fox. Do you think they did a good job? We would love to know how it looked. Either way, we’re lucky enough to get this awesome image regardless.

A Quick Haircut

It’s important not to move when you’re taking a photo. This rings particularly true if you have a massive white wolf on your head trying to bite your ear off! What could possibly be going through this person’s head at this moment?

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Amazingly, no one was hurt during this very unique photoshoot. What’s more, we’ve heard that the photo she took is actually an impressive one. We’re just glad both creatures had a good time and no one walked away injured.

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