Six autumn garden tips

Green-fingered Brits who’ve made the most out of their gardens this year have been offered six tips to protect their outdoor space before winter comes.

Horticulture experts from are encouraging gardeners to spread their compost and clean their sheds in order to give plants the best start next spring.

Netting ponds and treating lawns mean that they will be protected as much as possible from leaves and other winter garden annoyances.

Time should also be taken to remove the bulbs of annual plants and make sure greenery is cut back in order to let grass below receive sunlight.

A spokesperson for said: “After a busy spring and summer season the garden starts to wind down ready to sleep over winter.

“It’s really important to make sure that everything is prepared for the long winter months meaning as little damage is done by the colder weather.

“Spending time to prepare the garden now means that the most can be made out of it when spring comes around and bulbs start blooming.”

These are’s autumn garden tips:

1. Autumn clean

Before you shut your sheds and greenhouses for the winter, now is the perfect time to give them a proper autumn clean. Sweeping out debris, disinfecting shelves and paths and ensuring pots and seed trays are all clean means that you won’t have as much work to do when the busy season of spring comes around.

2. Borders

Borders, baskets and pots should all be cleared, with annuals being dug up – they’re not going to do anything next year! Pruning plants back so they’re tidy before winter and planting flowers such as pansies will add some brightness when they bloom.

3. Compost bins

This is the perfect time to take the compost you’ve been creating over the summer and mix it in with your soil. It’s a great way of fertilising soil meaning that your plants should be better than ever come next year. It also creates more space for all the leaves which will inevitably fall into the gardens over the colder months.

4. Net ponds

On the topic of fallen leaves, they can cause havoc in a pond. From blocked filters to dirty water, it’s something to be avoided. Placing a net over the pond means that the leaves can be caught before they come in contact with the pond, making it much easier to clear away.

5. Nest Boxes

Whilst you’re cleaning the rest of your garden, nest boxes and feeders should also be cleaned. This means that they’ll be ready to welcome new residents and eaters come the warmer weather.

6. Lawns

During the winter months lawns can be exposed to a lot of harsh weather. They can be frozen and then waterlogged overnight. Autumn is the time to prepare it so it can withstand the temperatures. It should be cut a little longer than you would do in summer months. Fallen leaves should be cleared regularly and fertiliser could also be applied.


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