September is full of fun at Mason House

Activities this month will be restricted to the weekly events only. One of our staff members is having

to work elsewhere for this month. We also have staff on leave at the same time.

Armchair Exercises - Tuesday 24th September 2pm-3pm

There will be only one session of Armchair exercise this month. If you haven’t been before, why not

give it a try, You never know you might find you like it. Refreshments will be available.

Friday Film Club - Friday 6th Setember, starting at 2pm

Late change to this week’s film. Billy Elliott has been cancelled and in its place is the film, 'Did you hear about the Morgans'.

Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker star in a Romantic Comedy about a couple who are at their wits end trying to repair their marriage when they are both witnesses to a brutal murder. They are put into witness protection together in the middle of the country where it’s not only themselves they

have to contend with.

Creative Crafts - Thursday 5th & 19th September 2pm-4pm

Those who regularly attend these sessions find the activity very rewarding. If you haven’t been before, why not give is a try. The finished crafts are donated to our tenants who have dementia and to care homes around Wetherby.

Indoor Bowls - Thursday 12th & 26th September 2pm onwards

The first venture proved to be very successful that we are now making this a regular event. It was good to see different tenants coming to enjoy the afternoon with some of our regulars.

Update on Events

Tuesday 20th August—’Have Your Say Meeting’

Speakers from the Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust attended to talk about keeping hydrated to avoid infections especially in the Over 65’s. Water is obviously the best fluid to keep yourself hydrated. Adding fruit juice to it may take away the blandness of drinking just water. Tea and coffee can count but there added issues with what else in contained within these drinks so use it as part of your fluid intake alongside water. Don’t forget, watery fruit and vegetables such as Watermelon, Strawberries and Cucumber to name a few also have a lot of water contained within them so they can also be used as a boost to your water intake.

Thursday 29th August—’Mobility Scooter Surgery’ -

Occupational Therapists from the William Merritt Centre visited with information on the correct use of Mobility Scooters on our Paths and Highways. Those attending had the opportunity to try out their skills on scooters on a coned out path area the rear of Mason House. All those attending seemed to have a good time and get some valuable information on using such scooters.

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