Scaur Bank Playground Update

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Further to our previous update about works to re-open the playground at Scaur Bank / King George’s Field we are now able to give further information as a result of site investigations that were carried out this week.

8 holes were dug around various items of equipment to view the foundations and see if the flooding had had any impact on them. It has been found that extra concrete is required around the base of the cradle seat swings, but all the other equipment was secure and in good condition.

The works will be carried out next week (w/c 3/6/19) and the cost will be covered by the manufacturer.

Advice has also been received on what else needs doing before we can re-open the site. We need to bring in an extra 50mm of bark surfacing across the entire playground and clean down all the equipment, benches, gates etc.

The Town Council is obtaining prices for these works and has asked for them to be carried out as soon as possible after 6th June. The cost of these works will be claimed through the Council’s insurance policy.

The site can then be re-opened, which we hope to do as soon as possible.

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