Get up close to the game-changing Stephenson's Rocket

Brass, Steel & Fire


DATE: 26 September 2019 – 13 April 2020

LOCATION: Gallery, Station Hall

See the original Rocket and journey through a great age of innovation when vicars, lace-makers and miners brought their own miniature locomotives to life.

Get up close to the game-changing Stephenson's Rocket, which shaped the future of the railway in 1829.

Meet the ordinary people who, fascinated by innovations like Rocket, turned their kitchens into makeshift workshops and crafted extraordinary hissing, steaming machines entirely from scratch.

Discover their beautifully intricate homemade creations—including some of the oldest of their kind—and learn how their small-scale experiments pushed the boundaries of engineering, influencing the course of the Industrial Revolution.

Brass, Steel and Fire reveals the love invested in models ranging from the precise to the peculiar through 100 years of rapid technological change.

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The world-changing locomotive which kick-started a golden era of innovation.

Brass, Steel and Fire marks Rocket's return to the National Railway Museum after a 30-year absence, giving you the chance to get up close one of the most important objects of the modern age.

Built in 1829 to run on the Liverpool and Manchester Railway—the world's first inter-city passenger railway line—Rocket won the Rainhill Trials, a competition to decide on the best mode of transport for the railway.


OPEN DAILY 10.00–18.00





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