5 Ideal Ways to Give your Home a Quick Facelift on the Cheap

The number of people in the UK who are choosing to renovate their homes rather than moving has increased five fold in recent years. But what if you don’t have the budget for a massive switch up in your property?

Are there still ways to give your place a refresh, make it feel brand new and not spend a fortune in the process? Well, seeing as you’re here, we’re happy to let you in on a little secret; there most certainly are. These are those; our 5 IDEAL ways to give your home a quick facelift on the cheap.


It all starts here. And first impressions count. Yet, the front door is an element of the house so often neglected. Giving it an update is a simple cosmetic procedure that can completely change the impact of your home from the very first moment guests arrive. If you’re replacing the door, consider the architecture of the house so you don’t end up with a jarring style clash. It can be tempting to choose a glossy paint finish for your door. However, this tends to highlight flaws so it’s better to go with a matte finish. This places a firm emphasis on bold colour choices.

Indeed, these first impressions are what’s known as curb appeal, and even the most innocuous elements can play a part in the overall impact of that first once over. An unruly front garden, broken gates, a tatty fence or dirty drive can all be a major turn-off. Which brings us neatly to…


Your gutters protect your home from any excess moisture or water which may wreak havoc on that curb appeal we just mentioned. Blocked, overflowing gutters can leave exterior walls prone to damage, as well as periodically spitting out a build up of dirty liquid. You just hate to see it.

So, renovating your gutters allows you to keep your home safe, dry, and stylish. You could swap out a normal PVCu gutter for cast iron, aluminum, steel, and even copper, but remember to also include the downpipes. If you’re doing the dirty work yourself, then do your due diligence first and utilise online resources like EasyMerchant to track down specific parts which fit the bill. If you only want to replace certain sections, first check the materials, diameter and profile. And make sure they match so you don’t open up vulnerabilities in your home’s water discharge system.


Though everyone is unique and no one is average, the average Brit spends roughly 51 minutes in the kitchen each day. Don’t worry, we’re not about to implore you to give the whole room a refit at huge cost. Nope, the smallest hacks can change the overall impression of the place cheaply and easily. Indeed, it’s possible to give your kitchen a completely new look by simply replacing the cupboard doors. There are many different colours, styles, and materials to choose from, whether you want to spice up the look or just inject some style with a variety of colours and textures.

Another option is to repaint the doors you’ve already got. Wooden doors will need to be primed before painting, or the finished look will be ruined. If you’re not that good with a paintbrush, there is also the option of using plastic film wraps. Simply peel off the plastic back and stick it on. This type of surface is very easy to clean and when you get fed up with it, peel it off and stick on another one. And if you want to make an even smaller, but still very effective change, you could change the door handles. Most handles can be unscrewed and replaced with something different. It could be a different colour, style or type of material.


When a facelift feels far too drastic, sometimes all you need to do is put some makeup on. The same principle applies to your home; a few superficial edits can be the difference between dreary and dazzling. So, add a rug to that wooden floor you rarely give a second thought. Hang a couple of prints on a wall that’s for so long been bare. Invest in some house plants to bring peace, tranquility and clean air to the room you spend most time in. Get colourful with throws and cushions, bringing an added layer of comfort to your sofa and in turn, the living room. Hey, it sounds simple because it is simple. ‘Nuff said.


Nothing says brand spanking new more than a thorough, fresh coating of paint throughout the home. A lick of paint this ain’t, it is one of the lowest cost improvements which has the highest rate of return.

You don’t need to be experimental here either. You are not the Rauschenberg of renovation and no one is expecting an avant garde number on the walls. Be warned; if you’re planning on selling soon, buyers love to see a fresh canvas when they enter a potential home so without doubt, a new coat of neutral paint works best. Make sure that door frames and skirting boards aren’t missed off either; a schoolboy but all too common error when undertaking a DIY decoration effort.


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