Practical, functional and a little bit quirky

Life hacks are cool and useful and they can be organized in multiple categories. A lot of them are referring to home décor, showing how you can make your home more practical and functional or how you can re-purpose things. We've picked out top 5... who knows, maybe they’ll change your lifestyle for the better.

1. Have an entryway cabinet for keys

At some point we all get tired of losing our keys and wasting time looking for them in our pockets and bags. It would all be so much simpler if there was a small cabinet specifically for that where keys can be stored safely. The entryway is the perfect place for it.{found on huntedinterior}.

2. Turn a ladder into a shoe rack

A ladder can make a perfect shoe rack in case you need one. Consider re-purposing an old ladder for which you no longer have any use. You can just put it in the desired spot, no transformation required.{found on apairandasparediy}.

3. Turn teapots into vases

Teapots are really cute, being so chubby and with lovely shapes. It’s their cuteness that allows them to also be used as vases or simply as decorations without any need for anything else.{found on littlemissmama}.

4. Turn an ironing board into a table

This actually work better if you can find a vintage ironing board that doesn’t have a padded surface. Of course, you could give your old ironing board a quick and simple makeover if you ever decide to reuse it as a table.{found on designsponge}.

5. Turn a wheelbarrow into a cooler

This a perfect idea for outdoor parties and barbecues. A wheelbarrow can be filled with ice and it would make an awesome cooler. You can choose to paint it first if you want it to look pretty. However, its original worn look would do just fine especially if you enjoy a touch of rustic or industrial in your décor.


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