Popular threats on Android and how to avoid them


Popular threats on Android and how to avoid them.

This guide will introduce you to the most popular threats targeting devices that run the Android operating system (OS). Let’s start with infectious apps. Downloading malicious apps is the most common way for Android-based malware to infect your Android device. This is because Google allows apps to be downloaded from sources other than the official Play Store. Don’t go down this route. Instead, always stick to official Google platforms and for extra peace of mind ask yourself the following questions.

1. Is the app popular?

If it has thousands or millions of downloads, it’s probably safe.

2. Does it have good reviews?

Take a few minutes to read user feedback. Is it positive? Do the reviews appear genuine or could they be fake?

3. What other apps has the developer created?

A legitimate developer often creates more than one app. Look at their other work. Next up: scams. This category includes phishing which is malicious use of email and text to send fraudulent messages designed to trick people into giving up sensitive information or downloading malware to their devices by clicking on links or attachments. Phishing attacks on Android devices are common.

To stop them from happening, consider the following:

  1. Question everything about the sender and the content of a message you receive. Does the sender’s address look official or suspicious? Does the message seem too good to be true? Often, cybercriminals claim to be someone they’re not and use ‘fear of missing out’ techniques to trick you

  2. Are there punctuation and grammatical errors, and is there an over-dramatic sense of urgency and emotion in the message? The use of threatening language and false claims that make you panic, fearful, hopeful or curious are common tactics

  3. Make sure your software is always up-to-date

  4. Install a strong antivirus. This is an essential tool for keeping your phone safe from viruses and other malicious software


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