Our very own Jenni scrubs up for the NHS

So proud of Jenni, who looks after our Harrogate members, she's really stepped up during lockdown to join a local group making scrubs for hardworking NHS staff.

"For me, two things have been particularly hard during lockdown; lack of face to face networking and the reduction in work. Networking because it's a chance to help other people to move their business forward by offering advice, support or an introduction. Work because it allows me to use my skills to help others.

I'm not one to sit about so when work went a bit quiet I caught up on all the things I needed to do in the business. But I wasn't helping anyone, making a difference or using my skills. I struggled more with this aspect of lockdown than any other.

So when I was invited by Claire Strachan to join the Harrogate Scrubbers group helping the organisation team with admin, I jumped at the chance. It's a great initiative to create scrubs for the hospital and allows me to donate my skills and help others whilst making a difference and supporting our local community. At the weekends I get to indulge my love of sewing too, creating scrubs and accessories for Harrogate Hospital.

This brilliant group of over 600 people have, in four weeks, created over 1500 sets of scrubs for our hardworking NHS Staff.

I'm so grateful to have found a niche where two such disparate skills in my arsenal can be used productively for the good of others during this strange time.

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