New Boston Spa studio ready to open!

with Chic Little Haven

Chic Little Haven has moved to their new studio at 14A Church Street in Boston Spa and can't wait to open its doors.

They will be posting pictures on social media soon (connect with them here Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) and look forward to opening up in April or when Boris gives the go-ahead. You can still click and collect via the website and grab a sneak peek at the collection.

Workshop dates are being prepared in upcycling and lampshade making and it's hopeful you can catch the end of April with a workshop, keep an eye on social media for updates.

Now stocking the new Designer Fleur Eggshell Paint. Fleur is an Italian brand that has 70 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality paint products for use in decorative work and restoration projects.

Fleur was traditionally used in the restoration of historic artworks and buildings.

The exclusive recipe of their paint is based on the skilful use of 18 different ingredients, including the purest pigments and minerals. It is processed in small batches according to a traditional production method, which creates a product with unique characteristics and ease of use.

The eggshell comes in various sizes. There is a fabulous primer and citrus wax remover also available.

Getting creative with your furniture...

Get your sample kits at £19.50 which includes postage.

This includes -

  • 130ml of Eggshell paint,

  • 1 x Wooden Crate to paint

  • 1 x Artist Brush

  • 1 x Fleur true colour chart

Click here to purchase

Cornish Milk Mineral Paint has released 3 new lovely colours - Milk Maid, Lobster and Squid Ink. In stock now!

Don't miss these new designs in the gorgeous Redesign with Prima Transfers in stock. Keep your eyes peeled for the new Peacock design used on a chest of drawers. These transfers truly transform your furniture and are so easy to apply.

Find them at:

14A Church Street

Boston Spa

Wetherby, West Yorkshire

LS23 6DN

Call us on 07500 896233 or through our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram and we will get back to you as soon as we can wash the paint from our hands!

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