Mummification activities with Leeds City Museum

Although we may not be able to welcome you to the Ancient Worlds gallery at the museum we can keep you entertained with mummification activities to do at home.

We’re travelling back to Ancient Egypt with activities and videos all about mummification, hieroglyphics, sensory song time, spice painting and more.

There are lots to get stuck in to, follow the links to download activity sheets and watch how-to videos from our team at home.

Mummify an Apple

Find out how the Ancient Egyptians mummified bodies and have a go at mummifying an apple at home.

Hieroglyphic Hunt

Discover the world of hieroglyphics and find out how to spell your own name.

Shabti's and Death in Ancient Egypt

Find out why the Ancient Egyptians were so fascinated with death.

Mummy Mask

Use the online template to create your own mummy mask at home.

Mummification and Canopic Jars

Explore why and how ancient Egyptians preserved their bodies for eternity.

DIY Sensory Room

Make your own sensory den at home, inspired by Ancient Egypt.

Sensory Singalong

Join in a sensory singalong as you learn all about how to wrap a mummy!

Spice Painting

Create your own pyramid artwork using kitchen spices with an online activity sheet.

Take a look at all the above right here.


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