Lock it or lose it

Whilst we all spending more times in our homes due to the current situation, we still need to ensure that we protect our properties and vehicles.

There is still a very small percentage of society that want to cause the rest of us harm by targeting our property and this continues to happen even though most of us are in at the time.

With us having one of the warmest Aprils for a few years it has meant that we have spent more time outside either going for walks or in the garden.

However, in doing this many residents of West Yorkshire have left either their doors unlocked or their windows slightly ajar. For the criminally minded opportunist these present excellent targets.

Examples we have seen include mowing the lawn around the front of the house but leaving the rear door unlocked. The noise of the mower giving a great cover for the burglar. We have had parents go out on a walk, leaving teenager playing on the Xbox but leaving the front door unlocked, probably for ease upon return. Great sneak in opportunity.

There are many other examples of items of value being left within easy reach of either a door left ajar or an open window.

It takes seconds for these offences to happen and they can be so easily prevented.

Speak to the rest of the family about security, if you need to leave a window ajar then get a device that restricts the opening and do not leave items of value on window sills such as phones, car keys, wallets, jewellery etc. All these are items that the Police have recorded as being stolen in burglaries.

A few minutes thought can save hours of heartache. NB: Some insurance policies may not payout in the event of this kind of offence.

Lock it or lose it


Lock any side gates to rear gardens if you can.

Use window limiters if you have them to restrict access.

Always lock your doors even if you are inside. Some burglars are brazen enough to open doors while you are watching your favourite Netflix show on full volume.

Don’t forget your vehicles, don’t leave anything on show.

While you have the time look at security marking your valuables, there are several different firms out there. Contact either HQCPO@westyorkshire.pnn.police.uk or your local Crime Prevention officer via the West Yorkshire Police website.

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