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Leeds Festival Traffic Advice from West Yorkshire Police

The dates for the festival this year are: Friday 23rd August – Sunday 25th August at Bramham Park.

In the time leading up to the start of this year's event we will keep you updated with news about the policing operation as well as providing you with loads of hints and tips to ensure you have a safe and good time.

Traffic Information / How To Get There / Maps

The Arena will be open on Thursday, 22nd August from 6:00pm to 3:00am, and on Friday, 23rd August through Sunday, 25th August from 10:00am to 3:00am.

General advice on how you can get to the festival can be found on the travel section of the Leeds Festival website

Further advice on travel can be found here: www.gov.uk/government/news/leeds-festival-advice-for-drivers

If you are travelling by car please drive carefully as the routes around the festival site will be busy.

Parking is included within the price of all tickets at Leeds Festival.

Please travel to the A1, M1 or the A1(M) whether you are coming from the north, south, east or west and then follow the signs from the motorway. All routes to Leeds Festival start from the A1(M).

Please note that the junction numbers on the A1(M) that we are using changed a few years ago and out of date printed maps, and old sat nav systems may not reflect the correct junction numbering on the ground so follow the signage on the routes rather than checking against a map.

  • From A1(M) coming from the South - The route to the festival will be signposted from Junction 41 northbound

  • From M1 coming from the South - The route to the festival will be signposted from Junction 42 northbound

  • From M62 coming from the East - The route to the festival will be signed from Junction 33 westbound

  • From M62 coming from the West - The route to the festival will be signed from Junction 29 eastbound.

  • From A1/ A1(M) coming from the North - The route to the festival will be signed from Junction 46 southbound

Drop Off/Pick Up Zones

If you plan on being dropped off at Leeds Festival, or picked up when you are ready to leave, you will need to use the Dedicated Drop Off / Pick Up Zones, located off York Road (A64).

There is no pick up / drop off facility near to Yellow Gate this year.

This area will have dedicated signage with zones A to I along with better lighting to improve public safety.  Please do not pre-arrange to meet at specific zones as some zones will open / close dependent on volumes of people and traffic.

Please do not arrange to be dropped off or picked up on any of the other roads surrounding the festival site as these roads are covered by temporary traffic orders, making it an offence to stop a vehicle to drop off or pick up in these areas.

Please use the dedicated safe drop off pick up zones which will be clearly signposted.  The surrounding road network may be dark and unlit and may pose a safety risk to pedestrians, the dedicated pick up / drop off zones are well lit and designed to enhance safety for all pedestrians.

A64 One Way System on Sunday/Monday

As per 2018, there will be a one way system effective on the Sunday evening and Monday. The previous one way system on the A64 (York Road) on the Thursday has been removed.

On Sunday 25th and Monday 26th August, the A64 between the Fox and Grapes public house and the A1(M) / A64 roundabout will be closed to all traffic travelling eastbound (i.e. from Leeds to York).  The vehicle turning point is at the Red Bus Layby on the A64, all vehicles travelling eastbound will be required to perform a U-turn at this point, in a traffic managed zone, there will be no points for stopping here.

The one way system will run from 9pm on Sunday 25th until Monday 26th August. It is anticipated that by 3pm, all traffic will resume as normal.

Thorner Village Closure

Thorner Village will not be accessible to any non-residents of Thorner. The village will be closed at the following locations, and there will be no through access throughout the duration of Leeds Festival.

1. Northern part of Mangrill Lane 2. Carr Lane (very close to the A58) 3. Thorner / Skeltons Lane 4. Thorner / Milner Lane (next to the green triangle) 5. Wothersome corner (west of junction of Thorner Lane / Thorner Road)

Please do not arrange to be dropped off or picked up from the closure points, as there is strictly no pedestrian access to the festival.

Driving Home

You are likely to get a lot less sleep on site than you would at home and so please ensure you have a good exit strategy with a sober and well rested driver by the time you come to leave the car parks.  Do not let anyone drive that shouldn’t be as they are too tired, not yet sober etc.  It is too risky.  Coffee alone won’t do it. 

Please plan ahead and get home safely.


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