Keeping You And Your Property Safe at Leeds Festival

Advice from West Yorkshire Police

While the vast majority of the people at the festival are there to have a good time, listen to great music, and build up a considerable amount of washing, there are some less than desirable characters who look to prey on festival-goers.

We’ll be at the festival targeting these people and ensuring you get the most from your time there.

Please take a look at the tips below which can help protect you and your property and reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime.

Be Safe

  • While walking around the festival try to stay with friends, particularly at night

  • Always take a torch with you. Chances are you won’t be back to your tent ‘till after dark

  • Be aware of what’s around you and try not to walk around with headphones in

  • Try to keep your valuables hidden- don’t flash them around.

  • Try to avoid carrying anything in your back pockets– the event is busier than Oxford Street, and pick-pockets love it. Pockets with zips are the safest way to go

  • Arrange an easy meeting point with your friends in case you case get split up and don’t have a mobile. Choose three times during the day where you can meet e.g. 2pm, 6pm and 1am

  • Please be mindful about how much you drink. Excessive alcohol hampers your judgement and makes you a target for crimes like assault and robbery. These offences are fortunately rare but try to stay with friends and don’t put yourself in a vulnerable position

Keeping Your Property Safe

  • Try to keep any valuables you bring to a bare minimum- consider bringing an old mobile and a digital camera rather than the latest models

  • Keep car keys, cash, credit cards and mobile phones with you at all times or in one of the free security lock-ups

  • Split your cash and cards into two hoards so that if one goes you have back-up

  • Mark your property with your name and postcode. This makes it easier for us to reunite any lost or stolen items. Campsite Assistance Teams (CATs) have UV pens and they are also available at the security lock-ups

  • Consider registering your property at immobilise database. This is a free service and we check all recovered property with this database

  • Leave a record of any credit card you take, including the account number and the cancellation phone number, at home. If the worse happens you can report it stolen quickly

  • Don’t leave anything valuable in your car and leave the glove box open and empty. It’s also a good idea to check on your vehicle during the duration of the festival so there are no nasty surprises when you come to leave.

Keeping Your Vehicle Safe


  • If you have any concerns about camping at the festival try to site your tent near to the fire tower or by your Zone Manager’s caravan

  • Introduce yourself to those around you so they now your face and your tent. Let each other know when you’re not going to be around and keep an eye on each others stuff

  • Report anything or anyone suspicious to campsite staff – that’s what they’re there for

  • Don’t put a padlock on your tent- this will only invite thieves

  • Don’t bury your valuables by your tent. Someone is bound to be watching

  • When you’re sleeping place any valuable items at the bottom of your sleeping bagKeep to main routes on the site when dark and try to travel around in groups

  • Attach a distinctive flag on a pole by your tent. It will help you identify it if you get a bit lost

  • Ensure that you leave any BBQ away from your tent to avoid any potentially harmful fumes while you sleep.


Forget what you may have heard about festivals being a place for peace, love and drug taking.

While there may be a fair bit of the first two things drug taking of any kind will not be tolerated at the festival.

Security checks on your way into the site will be stringent and staff are adept at finding drug stashes.

The law at Leeds Festival has to be enforced, just as it would be any other part of the country.

Anyone found with a suspicious substance will be arrested and taken from the site while tests are undertaken to ascertain the exact nature of a powder or tablet.

Please also be aware of so-called ‘legal highs’. Despite the name this is no guarantee that it’s safe to take or is in fact a legal substance.

Whether it’s claimed to be a legal high or a banned substance, people supplying drugs are more often than not unscrupulous individuals who don’t care about you.

Aside from the potential effect that anything you take may have on your health and wellbeing, drugs can also have a significant effect on your life and future.

A conviction for taking or supplying controlled drugs to your friends will impact on your life. This can include travel plans, employment prospects as well as your general reputation.

We would like to remind everyone of the dangers of using drugs/psychoactive substances and that you cannot always guarantee what you are buying is what the dealer says it is.

There have been reports of dealers selling MDMA (Ecstasy) at recent festivals, when it is in fact a stimulant substance known as N-ethyl Pentylone (NEP) which can be 3-4 times stronger than MDMA.

Effects of this substance can last for 2/3 days and may include insomnia, erratic behaviour, paranoia and temporary drug-induced Psychosis. This substance looks similar to MDMA and can come in a tablet or powder/crystalline form.

Come to the festival and enjoy it but don’t let one bad decision ruin the weekend and jeopardise your future.

Have fun, but stay safe!

Help Us

  • If you do become a victim of crime do not resist and give them what they want. Help us to set the record straight by making sure you get a good look at them and their clothes and noting down the area it took place (look out for fire towers, loos, distinctive tents).

  • If you have an incident with a security guard, steward or any other member of festival staff that you want us to look into please make a note of their tabard number and the name on their pass.

  • Please don’t be alarmed by our advice. Crime at festivals is relatively low we just don’t want anything to happen to you.


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