Meet New Member, Kate Bailey Property Consultant

Kate Bailey Property Consultant offers property renovation, remodelling and redesign consultancy, and Project Management based in Yorkshire.“Everyone is an expert in their own field and my expertise will help you to fall back in love with your home or see the potential in a new home”

Renovation, Remodelling & Redesigning

With over nineteen years’ experience in modernising and remodelling properties, I will unlock the potential in your property and create a home that you love to live in for many years to come, suitable for your lifestyle; taking the stress and worry out of renovating your home. I provide structural and decorative advice and project management, allowing you to enjoy the experience happy in the fact that it is being managed by the safe pair of hands of a seasoned professional.

Property Finder

Using my experience in remodelling homes will enable me to discuss a brief with you taking into account your needs and requirements. I will use this to create a list of potential properties both on and off the market.

Future Home Remodelling

The advice and expertise to help you to achieve your vision.

Home Staging

Home staging advice and assistance when putting your house on the market to make it more saleable and attractive to a wide range of potential purchaser and help you to achieve your desired sale price.

Take a look at some of my previous projects here.

For more details of how I can help you to achieve your property goals, discuss my fees or just to chat through options please complete the form below, email or call 07899 881888.

Property is my true passion. There’s no better feeling than taking ‘an ugly duckling’ of a house and turning it into a ‘beautiful swan’.

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