In a time of social distancing having an effect on business, your social activity really does matter

There are uncertain times ahead for everyone and now more than ever our smaller businesses need the help and support of their local community.

How we get messages out there over the coming days, weeks or months will have an impact on many forms of survival. Your customers may be in isolation, but that doesn’t mean to say that you can’t stay in touch and continue to provide an excellent service.

With schools closing and offices encouraging employees to work from home, small businesses that rely on foot traffic and regular custom will be feeling the hit and with our digital world to keep them going, now more than ever is an important time to ramp up your social activity.

Most of your customers are already on social media and, keeping a steady flow of messages could be of great significance, as more people than ever will likely to be checking their posts much more frequently to get the latest updates.

Increasing your presence and posting frequently is helpful to ensure you are still showing in people’s feeds and thoughts.

Handpicked Wetherby is working hard to make sure our community has a one-stop-shop of information from our local services and businesses.

So how can we help?

From zero cost to a great return on investment.

Face-to-Face Networking events cancelled?

Not ours! We are going Virtual with #HarrogateLive and #WetherbyhourLive

Both Harrogate Live on 26th March (7-9 pm) and Wetherbyhour Live on 7th April (9.30 am-11.30 am) will take place via Twitter instead of Hotel Du Vin and Wood Hall Hotel as planned and we really hope you will all choose to come along and chat and network, as you would have done.

We will be inviting our entire email list to this event. all 13,000 of them!

Way more than we could fit in a physical venue, and we will be letting the wider business communities know, via Social Media, that our networking event is open to every business that wants to grow and thrive in our area. Just think what a simple hello could bring!

Here's how it will work.

It will run like a Twitter hour but for the original two hours (as per our live events). The time and date will be exactly the same. 26th March for Harrogate 7-9 pm and 7th April for Wetherby 9;30 am -11.30 am. It would be great to see you joining both if you can make it.

Here is how a Twitter hour works if you haven't attended one before.

The Hashtags for the evenings will be:

For Harrogate Live: #HarrogateLiveHDuVin

For Wetherbyhour Live: #WetherbyLiveWoodHall

The events will be hosted by Jo and Jenni, just as normal and you can always direct message us if you are unsure of anything.

Please also feel free to use the additional hashtag #NetworkingWithoutNerves so that we can show that Yorkshire business won't be beaten by this virus but will keep on working, and networking, to keep our economy going through this difficult time.

Just to let you know that the more people who attend the event, the further your posts will travel, it's a bit like ripples in a pool spreading out across the Twittersphere.

Check out the image below for an idea of just how far you can reach with one single message...

Free Weekly Twitter Networking Hours

Finally, a reminder that you don't need to wait for these two events if you want to help your business visibility both now and in the future.

#HarrogateHour networking on Twitter every Monday, 8 pm - 9 pm

#WetherbyHour networking on Twitter every Tuesday, 8 pm - 9 pm

A Cost-Effective Boost for your Business

Our bi-monthly E-Magazine is a great way of staying in touch with your community and further afield - whether its through editorial or a promotional advertisement.

We are, and always will be, committed to giving small businesses a bigger voice in their area. Keeping the fires burning and the awareness that you are very much still 'in business' however that now looks, is still within your reach.

From as little as £20, shouting loud has never been more cost-effective.

We are very proud to have built up an extensive audience over the years. Just a few figures to highlight the amazing return on investment you can achieve.

13,000 E-Magazine Established Subscription List

430,269 average weekly exposure

32,491 average weekly reach

Click to see our rate card here or the image below for our March edition of Handpicked Wetherby E-Magazine.

Wetherby Edition Deadlines:

May Issue: 24th April

July Issue: 24th June

September Issue: 25th August

November Issue: 26th October

Also available in Harrogate. Click here for more details:

Contact for more information or to submit your advertisement.

The coming weeks are going to be tough, but together we can achieve so much.

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