Hands On Wellness - Latest News

I can scarcely believe its been three months of not working but I'm delighted to update you on my re-opening plans!

The massage industry is awaiting clear guidance for when we can provide hands-on treatments. There is some talk of July 4, but the government or my professional body have yet to confirm this date.

In anticipation of any official good news, I am preparing to adhere to the recommendations of the FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapists) for current best practices - for your safety, as well as my own:

  • Upon arrival, all clients are required to wash their hands and wrists by accessing the bathroom at the side of the house.

  • Please use the hooks for any jackets/coats/outer layers of clothing and handbags.

  • In my treatment room, a plastic box is provided for your clothes.

  • I will be limiting the number of clients I see to 3 per day, initially. This will allow extra time between appointments to clean all surfaces and containers.

  • I may be required to wear a mask, and will also have disposable masks available for clients.

  • I will wear a fresh uniform for each client.

  • I will also be in touch 24 hours before your appointment, to talk things over.

  • I will keep you informed as the guidelines change.


  • I now offer Reiki on my list of services! I completed my Reiki training in South Africa some years back and during lockdown have completed a refresher course, as well as working my way through a Crystal Reiki course.

  • And finally, I have to announce a small price increase to all services - the first since September 2017. This reflects the increased cost of materials and supplies as well as an adjustment for almost 3 years of inflation. Please see my website for the new prices here

I can't wait to get you booked in to my diary as soon as I have the green light!


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