Garden tips that will change the way you garden forever

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

We're always on the look out for those tips and tricks to simplify and improve our everyday lives. Here's a collection of 10 gardening hacks that will change the way you garden forever.

1. Self-watering wine bottle planter

The terracotta stakes are fitted with a wine bottle that is full of water and stuck in the plant’s soil. As the terracotta absorbs the water, it will slowly leak it into the soil and keep the plant’s roots moist.

2. Cinnamon powder on seedlings to prevent diseases.

Cinnamon has some anti-fungal qualities, and it smells great as a bonus. Use it to prevent and stop diseases on seedlings.

3. No watering can? No problem!

This super simple hack of an old milk jug is perfect for a new gardener that hasn’t gone out and bought a watering can yet. Just upcycle your old plastic milk jug by heating up a needle and poking holes in the lid so water can flow through it freely. Check out the tutorial here.

4. Use coffee grounds to keep pests away

Use used coffee grounds to keep pests like ants, snails, and slugs away. There are many other coffee grounds uses you can check in the post.

5. Use citrus peel to start seeds

Just poke a hole in the bottom of the peel for drainage, fill it with potting soil, then sow seed and sprinkle some water. When the seedling is ready for transplant, plant it directly in a garden or in a container with the peel. The peel will decompose and nourish the young plant as it grows. Learn more about it.

6. Use eggshell to prevent pests

Another way to protect your plants against pests is using egg shells. Coarsely crumbled, egg shells form an effective barrier against soft-bodied garden pests like snails and slugs that eat your plants. They do not risk through this sharp and uncomfortably jagged shells.

To do this, encircle roughly crushed layer of eggshells around the plants that are sensitive to such pests. Find out more uses of eggshells in the garden.

7. Use Coffee Filters in Flower Pots

Next time you’re repotting a plant, keep the soil where it belongs with the help of a coffee filter. Simply lining the pot keeps the drainage holes in the bottom free from clogging up — and soil from sneaking out after watering. Find out.

8. Hang pallet on wall to store garden tools

Shipping pallets can be found for free at many hardware stores, furniture stores or even construction sites. Using a recycled pallet, recycled bow rake heads and less than ten dollars worth of hardware it’ll be ready, this garden tool rack has a rustic appeal and will help to wrangle the many garden tools one accumulates.

Check out the DIY tutorial on HGTV.

9. Pinching, deadheading, and pruning

Pinch the tips of young plants for bushier growth. Deadhead spent flowers from your plants to promote more blooms and remove top shoots and emerging flowers of your herbs to help them have a healthy growth and prevent bolting. Also, most of the new gardeners avoid pruning their plants but it is important too and helps in rejuvenating the growth of plants.

10. A ladder plant stand to create more space

Get a ladder plant stand like this to put your plants on it and to create more space. It can be a good addition in a limited space container garden.

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