5 Ideals Tips for Furnishing your First Home on a Budget

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Moving into your very first home represents one of the most exciting – and daunting – new chapters in the book of your life. There are endless possibilities, outcomes and visions to be written, and you probably can’t wait to get unpacked. We all know, however, that moving house isn’t cheap, and all too often the actual cost of the move and its never ending administration leaves little in the budget for actual furnishing the place. The good news is this; there are tricks and hacks you can employ to make your domestic space homely and welcoming which don’t come at a huge cost. These are those; our 5 IDEAL tips for furnishing your first home on a budget.

Prioritise the Essentials

Sure, you’ll want the fancy widescreen T.V, the surround sound speakers, the Alexa activated entertainment system and the pizza oven…but all good things come to those who wait (and earn). For now, it’s best to focus on the essentials; a bed, a sofa, a kitchen table and so on. The things that you spend the most time on, in or around, should be the ones which demand the attention of your budget most vocally. Once you’ve settled in and cushioned the inevitable blow on your finances that any house move rains on you, then you can slowly but surely furnish your house with some treats.


Sure, it might seem counterintuitive to recommend throwing out stuff when you’re trying to save money, but saving space during a move is almost as important to settling in seamlessly, we think. Clutter and chaos is the enemy of productivity, and conversely, creating space from decluttering can really help you focus to your full potential during a stressful time. What’s more, in the streamlining process you’ll more than likely unearth items that you forgot you owned (or which you could repurpose, see below), saving you money and time, later down the line.

Recycle & Repurpose

Don’t assume that just because you’re moving to a new place, it’s all new items from here on in. Yep, the good news is this; you may already have items that you can recycle and reuse. Maybe it’s the hipster in us. Is a possible environmental sustainability at its heart? Or perhaps the current economic climate and state of confusion over our country’s collective capital makes it a necessity. But whatever the reason, ‘upcycling’ has taken the design world by storm in recent years.

Upcycling – repurposing old bits from around the house and casting them in new, exciting roles – provides an opportunity for homeowners to show off their creativity, and to make a lasting impression on guests with thoughtful reinventions of old items.

A simple example; if you have a wooden coffee table that you’ve owned for some time, and is losing its appeal through wear and tear, then by giving it a new lick of bright paint, you’ll bring a brand new vibe to your place. Yep, upcycling is very much the watchword here, saving you money and adding a personal touch in the process. For more ideas and advice on the subject, check out these tips from Luluna.

Measure Up

Sorry to get all DIY Dad on you, but it’s vital that you do some measuring before you set about furnishing your new home. In doing so, you’ll know how much space you have to work with. For beginners, it’s all too easy to make the mistake of buying new items of furniture and then not be able to fit them into your new place. Save yourself a lot of time, effort and crucially, money, and get your tape measure out before you start. Though it may seem pedantic, a little fussing at this stage will save serious hassle in the long run.

Finishing Touches Flourishes

Yep, we realise we’ve been talking about the essentials, the second hand and all the other phrases which are like catnip to the thrifty felines among us. But equally, you shouldn’t neglect the finer details and finishing touches if you want your home to truly purr.

It’s all in the eye; there’s nothing that a little spit, polish and right angling won’t cure, we think. We’re talking about old door knobs, tired looking cushions and scruffy rugs. We’re thinking of taps marked with finger prints, of windows smeared and mirrors smudged. A little elbow grease will cure all of this, and make your domestic space all the more welcoming. So, what are you waiting for?


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