Fun Elf on the Shelf Ideas Leading up to Christmas

Your kids love their Elf on the Shelf, and you love that they love him. Those little guys are basically a holiday staple for families during Christmas (whether you cherish your moments setting him up around the house or not). Two things are certain: The smiles on your kids' faces are totally worth it, and it's a challenge to keep your Elf on the Shelf ideas creative for the entire month of December.

The rules are these: You tell your kids that the Elf will report back to Santa every night to say whether they've been naughty or nice. After his nightly visit to the North Pole, he returns to a new spot every day. Oh, one more thing — if your kids touch the Elf, all of his Elf magic goes away. Parents, that means it’s up to you to help him find a new resting space every morning (on top of everything else you have to do around the holiday season).

So if your Elf hasn't been furloughed, here's some great ideas for a little inspiration!

Race in Sacks

Your kids will be thrilled to see how your Elf fares against some of their favorite toys.

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

We may not have seen the white stuff here yet but your Elf on the Shelf can still magic some up for this idea.

Staying in Shape

Every good Elf worth his weight needs to stay in shape!

Sling Coffee

As an employee of "Elfbucks," your Elf gets to wear a uniform (the set includes an apron, cup, and banner) and dish out pretend peppermint lattes.

Draw Banana Minions

If your Elf is a bit of a graffiti artist, he might be tempted to turn some bright-yellow bananas into minions.

Bake Cookies for Santa (or Your Kids)

Let your kids wake up to a sweet treat courtesy of your Elf, googly eyes optional.

Go Black Tie

If you think about it, an Elf on the Shelf is a little super-spy, so he should get to dress like James Bond every once in a while.

Play Extreme Hide and Seek

A dry-erase marker makes for the perfect camouflage makeup; it'll take an extra minute to find him hiding in the Christmas tree.

Take a Spa Day

What could be more relaxing than a marshmallow jacuzzi? (Answer: Nothing.)

Stage a Photo Shoot

Everybody loves a photobooth! Get your Elf to bring some of the other toys in on the photobooth fun — and give them some DIY props.

Take a Peek

He gets the run of the house at night, so of course your Elf is going to feel tempted to peek at some presents. Hopefully, he won't let the cat out of the bag.

Go Fishing

If you can stand parting with a few Goldfish crackers (and then cleaning them up out of the sink), they make for the perfect denizens of a bathroom fishin' hole.

Orchestrate a LEGO Ambush

Those LEGO minifigs can really stir up some trouble! Better give them a piece of the action.

Binge on Candy

Elves love things all things sugar, so he really couldn't help himself. (We've all been there.)

Make Snow Angels

This Elf is making his snow angels out of rice, but you can also use sugar or sprinkles.

See Him off to the North Pole Again

Merry Christmas! See you next year!


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