From meals on a budget to premium selection

With The Yorkshire Meat Company

There is nothing more sincere than the love of great meat.

All the butchers at Yorkshire Meat Company come from the local area so the chances are you will know someone preparing your order.

Whatever you are doing for tea they have a great selection of meat bundles perfect to add to any hearty meal and if you are looking for a little inspiration why not take a look at their recipe section?

Whats on offer?

Stir Fry Bundle - £18.50 per pack

Lamb Strips Beef Strips Chicken Breast Strips Pork Leg Strips

Premium Steak Box - £40 per pack

Rump Steaks 2 X 6oz

Sirloin Steaks 2 v 8oz

Fillet Steaks 2 x 6oz

Ribeye Steaks 2 x 7oz

Meals on a Budget - £30 per box

Large Chicken Legs x 5

Mince 2.5 kilo

Pork Strips 1 Kilo

Hand-Linked Sausages 1 Kilo

Rib-Eye Steaks - £24

5 delicious 8oz Rib-Eye Steaks

Sirloin Steaks - £27.50

5 succulent Sirloin Steaks

Rump Steaks - £15

5 8oz Rump Steaks

Turkey Steaks - £3 each

Five to a tray

As well as doing popular meat packs, you can order whatever you wish and they will pack to your requirements. You can also pick up bread and milk too!

For more great offers head to their Butchers Shop

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