February Fun at Mason House

Afternoon Get Together.

Tuesday 18th February.

2pm onwards

Please join your Support Officers at Mason House for an afternoon of chat and information about our service and to see what will be new for the year 2020. We will be inviting your Housing Officers for your area as there have been some changes after Lisa Coning left the Council for pastures new.

For those that are interested, we will be linking our Apple IPAD devices to the big screen to show their capabilities and a way to enjoy using them you may not have seen before.

On the Menu will be Soup, a Chocolate Fondue (By popular demand) and other desserts.

Friday Film Club

Friday 7th February

2pm onwards ‘Land of the Lost’

2009 film starring Will Ferrell, Danny McBride & Anna Friel. On his latest expedition, Dr Rick Marshall is sucked into a time-space vortex landing in an alternate universe in a world full of fantastic creatures.

Indoor Bowls.

Thursday 13th & 27th February.

2pm onwards

Now a regular event at the centre. Those attending so far have had a very enjoyable afternoon showing their competitive side. Come along and add to those already attending. Refreshments are available.

Armchair Exercise

Tuesday 11th & 25th February

2pm Onwards

Looking to improve this event with those attending watching and exercising to an Armchair exercise DVD. Sounds like fun. Come along and try this new concept.

Refreshments will be available.

Creative Crafts

Thursday 6th February

2pm onwards

Only one event this month due to the centre already having a booking on the 20th. On the 20th, your Support Officers will be visiting various places to deliver what has been made to those who would benefit the most.


For any information on any of these activities, please contact your Support Officers on the following numbers

Chris Keedy 07891 279971

Lisa Taylor 07891 273980

Meg Bullock 07891 277722

Debbie Parrish 07891 272034

Madge Bell 07891 274338

Leanne Rodgers 07891 278643

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