Facebook Algorithm Changes & What To Expect In 2020

Globally, nearly 1.5 billion people log into Facebook every day. The power of the platform to engage and connect people makes it an important resource in the arsenal of any marketer. Those who have paid attention to the news over the past year, however, also know that the platform has made significant changes over the past twelve months, impacting how businesses reach their target audience. The platform has also faced scandals, which led to many users reevaluating how they use the platform.

Brands who want to optimize their opportunity on social media should consider these Facebook advertising changes as well as the anticipated trends for 2020 as they begin to formulate their social media strategy. As 2020 makes its mark, Facebook has continued to update its algorithm. These changes were made with an emphasis on transparency, privacy and creating an improved user experience. If you have asked yourself, “How does the Facebook algorithm work?” Here is what you should know about these latest changes and updates.

Ability to Recognize Low-Quality Content As we discussed in a different blog, Facebook made changes to their algorithm that placed a far greater emphasis on displaying content from friends and connections and less material from brands. The social platform said that they would track ‘meaningful interactions’ of users to get a better idea of what content would actually benefit users. As a result, many brands sought ways to create ‘meaningful interactions’ on their branded content so the material they posted would still appear in their followers’ feeds. Facebook, however, has become increasingly sophisticated in their ability to recognize spam-like content and clickbait. They do not want this type of low-quality content to invade the feeds of their users. In 2020, as the algorithm continues to improve in this area, brands should focus on creating content that naturally engages users and taps into their genuine interests without creating clickbait. At Ballantine, we can help you create campaign ideas and ad strategies that will meet the criteria from the Facebook algorithm change. Limit How Many Ads Brand Can Run Facebook has announced that it will limit the number of ads a page can run at once in 2020. At the same time, the social platform has said that this new rule would only impact a small percentage of pages. It is likely that this limit will be high enough for many brands to not notice.

However, as brands begin to plan their campaigns for 2020, prioritizing the most valuable campaigns will be beneficial. If the limitations do impact your organization, understanding your internal prioritization will help you adapt more seamlessly to this 2020 Facebook update. Creator Studio Offers Video Insight Facebook first released Creator Studio a few years ago to help people track engagement with the content they created for Facebook and Instagram. Facebook has continued to add more features, which brands should note heading into 2020. Specifically, brands can now gain better insight into the traffic sources for their content as well as see how long people spend watching their videos. This will provide users with valuable insight because Facebook appears to continue to place an increasing emphasis on video content in its algorithm and adjusting how the videos themselves are ranked. To better rank videos, Facebook has updated its ranking criteria to focus on the loyalty of users towards the brand and their videos, how long people spend watching a particular video, and the originality of the content in the video. Live videos offer a great way to produce original content, and Facebook says that live videos get 6 times the interaction of regular videos. Considering that a few years ago Facebook videos had already hit 8 billion daily video views, taking these changes in video ranking under advisement– along with utilizing the ability to track some of this data through the Creator Studio– should be a top priority for brands on the platform. Optimizing Your Facebook Strategy Facebook continues to update their algorithm and ranking factors to improve the experience they offer users. Keep these new 2020 Facebook rules in mind as you build a Facebook strategy. Facebook has improved its ability to sift out low-quality content, so make sure that your content engages users without resorting to click baits.

Begin to prioritize the ads you create, as Facebook may limit the number of campaigns that can be run at once in 2020.

Facebook has updated how they rank videos, but they have also added additional features to Creator Studio to help you track valuable data. In 2020, take advantage of these insights so that you can keep your videos ranking highly.


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