Easter Lamb recipes to make your mouth water

Lamb is a traditional dish at Easter time and whether you keep it traditional by pairing tender roast lamb with fragrant herbs, or try something a little different with spiced stuffings, rubs and flavour-packed sides, make it a meal to remember. Here are five handpicked lamb recipes for you to try at home.

Roasted leg of lamb stuffed with feta, olives and pistachios

Deliciously marinated leg of lamb is stuffed with tangy feta, olives and pistachios before roasting, resulting in a rich, tender lamb centrepiece with fresh Greek flavour. Liven up classic mayo with lemon, anchovy and mustard to serve alongside, and pair with vibrant spring veg and crispy roast potatoes. Get the recipe

Lovely lamb hotpots

With crispy potato topping and fresh mint sauce. Get the recipe

Roast rack of lamb with shallot sauce

Few meals are as comforting as a hearty roast, and this rack of lamb for two is the ultimate Sunday lunch indulgence. Mellow lamb meets sweet shallots with a sauce that's as easy as it is delicious, made with sharp balsamic vinegar, rosemary and mustard. For the perfect roast that's ready in under an hour, pair with mash and greens. Get the recipe

Pomegranate lamb salad

Enjoy the beautiful taste of succulent lamb in this quick and easy pomegranate lamb salad recipe. It’s filled with fresh ingredients and is perfect for a filling lunch or a light supper. Get the recipe

Rack of Lamb With Garlic and Herbs

This recipe is best made with new garlic—garlic that has not been aged. It is covered with a moist membrane rather than papery skin and is often sold with greens attached. If you're lucky enough to find some, substitute 1/4 cup chopped garlic greens for half of the parsley in the herb mixture. Get the recipe

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