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Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Meet this week's feature member, DWB Wealth Consultancy LLP.

Providing clients with the very best financial advice and service, putting the needs of their clients at the heart of their business.

Intergenerational Wealth Management

Intergenerational wealth management is about how families use their collective wealth to support each other during their lifetimes.

Increasing life expectancy and major social change mean many families need to reconsider how their wealth can work harder for the benefit of the whole family.

Protection for the whole family | Helping loved ones onto the property ladder | Investing in a better future for your children | Futureproofing your wealth - the importance of estate planning | Safeguarding your businesses future

Business Owners

Specialising in providing advice on how business owners can create financial independence for themselves and their families.

By spending time on understanding what makes your company successful and your own specific wealth creation objectives, DWB Wealth Consultancy LLP can put a plan of action in place. Their services apply to all companies wherever they are in their life-cycle, from start up to exit.

Company Directors

At the same time as looking after the specific requirements of your company, they can advise each individual director within the company with bespoke solutions for their own particular financial needs at the same time.

Assisting with:

  • Structuring remuneration packages in the most tax efficient manner

  • Corporation Tax mitigation strategies

  • Financing Management Buy-Outs/Management Buy-Ins**

  • Pension schemes and commercial property purchase

  • Tax efficient structures other than pension schemes

  • Bonus sacrificing to save Income Tax and National Insurance

  • International investments and trusts*

  • Trust & estate planning*

  • Advice surrounding the exit of a business**

  • Leaving a legacy for your next of kin


You may be on the brink of retirement or already well into the next chapter of your life. Whatever your circumstances, knowing how to make the best financial plans for your future or preparing the ground for the next generation is hugely important, but financial planning is a minefield and difficult to manage on your own. Maximise the tax planning opportunities available to you and your potential heirs.


DWB Wealth Consultancy LLP have considerable expertise in providing specialist, tailored financial advice to NHS Professionals, GPs and Dentists and have worked with many medical professionals to construct robust financial plans for them.

GPs | NHS Consultants | Dentists | NHS Added Pension | Protect your benefits for your loved ones.


Many sports people enjoy lucrative careers. Their career can be shorter than the majority of people. Therefore it is important that the wealth they have accumulated should be carefully nurtured and protected.

DEB Wealth Consultancy LLP have widespread experience of helping professional sportspeople to get the most from their financial opportunities.

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  • Investment Planning

  • Retirement Planning

  • Protecting You and Your Estate

  • Corporate Services

  • Banking & Mortgages

  • Will Writing

  • Philanthropy & Charitable Giving

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