Dracula's Whitby

A short story by Alex, aged 10 - Kid's Corner

It was a peculiar sight to behold. In this area, the path was colourless and it was dark; the place presented like it was plagued. Deafening waves jolted into rocks. My friend and I weren’t as eager to explore as before. Raven's cackle like they were teasing. Shockingly for us, as we thought it was just a path, there was a gate. We lowered our heads and trudged along.

There was a castle! It stood broad and proud in the middle of nowhere. The thing that took us aback the most was it looked new and refurbished. Definitely now nervous, we plodded on to explore the unknown. Although it looked newly made, there were old flashy lanterns gesturing to be followed. An irony aroma filled our sensitive nostrils. We invited ourselves in.

Inside wasn’t as appealing as the outside. The interior was rotten and ancient where the exterior was captivating and fresh. “They must have been thin when this was developed” stated my friend; I presumed he was on about how attenuated and dense it was in the corridors. Before we made a turn, we were hit with the smell of dank water.

Jaw-droppingly, there was an aged crypt swimming in water. “I don’t like scary things so I am leaving” my friend explained truthfully as he ran back; I guess it’s just up to me now…

Around ten minutes after he left, I’d finished exploring - there wasn’t anything to report until suddenly, there was a burst of demonic laughter from behind me. I turned to see Dracula!

We're looking for short stories from kids aged up to 11 years old. Have something to share written by your budding writer? Email jo@handpickedlocal.co.uk

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