FATHER'S Day is fast approaching - giving you a chance to celebrate hard-working dads and show them how much you care.

Here's when the special day falls in 2019 and why it's different in other countries.

When is Father’s Day 2019 and why do we celebrate it?

Each year in the UK Father’s Day takes place on the third Sunday of June.

This year, it falls on June 16.

According to one tale, Father's Day first began because of a woman named Grace Golden Clayton from Fairmount, West Virginia.

An orphan, Grace lobbied her local Methodist ministers for a church service to honour fathers in 1908.

The story goes that she was inspired to do this after a mining disaster killed 362 local men.

Their deaths orphaned more than 1,000 children and Grace wanted to pay tribute to the children’s dead fathers - as well as her own.

Another story involves the daughter of a civil war veteran, Sonora Smart Dodd, from Arkansas.

While listening to a sermon for Mother’s Day, Sonora became convinced of the need to celebrate dads too.

She then campaigned to her religious leaders for a special service dedicated to fathers.

In 1966, President Johnson designated that the third Sunday in June should be Father's Day.

Six years later, Father’s Day was made a permanent national holiday in the US when, in 1972, President Richard Nixon signed it into law.

Why is the date of Father’s Day different in other countries?

While countries including the UK, Ireland, US, France, Cyprus, South Africa, Netherlands, Greece, Japan, Canada and Saudi Arabia celebrate Father’s Day every June, others have the day on a completely different date.

Instead, Australia, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand celebrate their dads in September.

Many people believe that the celebration date is different in the southern hemisphere because June is their autumn, rather than their spring, and the day can be marketed better in the spring season.

And in Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal and Croatia it’s in March.

For Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Iceland, Father’s Day celebrations are held on the second Sunday of November - and in Bulgaria it’s on the same day as Boxing Day, December 26.

The dates usually correspond to each country’s culture and traditions.

While there may be many different dates dedicated to dads across the globe, one thing is for certain, they all celebrate the same thing – fantastic fathers.


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