Courier Fraud

This week marks the beginning of Cyber Protect's newest campaign highlighting courier fraud. In the last two years over 2,000 reports of the courier, fraud was reported.

What is courier fraud?

Fraudsters telephone a potential victim, claiming to be from their internet/phone provider, bank, police or other law enforcement authority. They then trick the person into revealing their credit/debit card details including the pin.

What to look out for

These scams usually involve someone claiming to be from a reputable company or authority and advising of fraudulent payments on your debit or credit card. Sometimes they will ask you to call the relevant company to prove the call is genuine, however, the fraudster keeps the line open at their end, so you are still, in fact, speaking with the fraudster. They then ask for the pin and then send a courier or taxi to pick up the card in question. The scammer will then use the card to spend your money and make fraudulent transactions.

Prevention Advice

  • If you receive a suspicious call, end it immediately

  • Never provide your pin or password over the phone or online, a bank or police the will not ask for this

  • Your bank will never send someone to your home to collect cash, cards, PINs or cheque books

  • Report any suspicious calls to Action Fraud or call them on 0300 123 2040

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