Could you be a detective?

Did you catch the series 'The Detectives: Fighting Organised Crime' broadcast on 23rd and 30th March on BBC Two? The series offers frontline insight into Greater Manchester Police's battle against organised crime filmed over two years with unprecedented access.

Ever fancied becoming a detective? Would you have what it takes?

Following on from the series, you can explore the law on interviewing suspects and the sentencing of offenders. Why not test your skills at facial recognition too?

Check out the links below, which range from information on aspects of the law, as well as quizzes to see if you have the skills.

Are you a super recogniser?

Police super-recognisers have an above-average ability to recognise faces and have identified a large number of criminals via CCTV footage. Do you possess the skill... Take part now

Staying silent during a police interview: some comments on...

What happens if a suspect refuses to answer questions when interviewed under police caution? This article explores the legal effect of using a “no comment”. Read now

How does a court decide a sentence?

How do judges decide what sentence to give those found guilty of criminal offences in England and Wales? This article outlines the key principles that guide judges in... Read now

Detecting Deception: Can you spot a liar?

Some money has been stolen - everyone denies taking it but some people are lying. Can you work out who is telling the truth and who is being dishonest? Find out in... Take part now

You Decide: Is it a crime?

What do you know about England and Wales' criminal justice system? Take a look at these four cases then make your decision based on what you think is legal in our... Take part now

Murder and the mental state of the defendant

How does the law treat defendants who suffer from conditions which impair their mental functioning? What if this has been impaired through voluntary intoxication? Read now

Missed it? Full broadcast details and links to watch on BBC iPlayer can be found on the BBC programme pages

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