Common Household Items Are Meant To Be Used This Way...

What do coat hangers, ridges on coins, Solo cups, and old TV antennas have in common? They might seem like everyday household items, but they actually hide secrets and tricks that you have never even noticed before. The items will help solve a bunch of pesky issues in the house when you repurpose them! Your trips to Home Depot and Target will be drastically reduced when you start following the life hacks that we have for you. Read on to see simple hacks that will make your life that much easier.

Wine Bottle Dip

Do you like drinking a glass of wine? If so, perhaps you have already noticed the dip at the end of the bottle. It is more than just an interesting design quirk. First of all, this part is called the kick-up or punt. At any rate, it lends the bottle more stability to prevent it from falling over or breaking after a strong gust of wind passes by. It also makes the bottle stronger in order to hold in champagne and sparkling wine. Lastly, it makes it easier to distribute steam when they are cleaning it before pouring the wine in

Shirt Loops

This does not only apply to t-shirts, you know. You will also find this on a nice collared shirt! Apparently, this practice began with the Navy. There is not much closet space out at sea, which is why sailors hang their shirts on hooks through these loops. College kids in the ‘60s also used them to keep the shirts neat and wrinkle-free at the gym. These days, manufacturers leave them on as a sign of quality and class.

Petrol Gauge Arrow

Perhaps you have already noticed this if you happen to drive a car. Beside the gas gauge of just about every car manufactured from 2010 onwards, you will see an arrow pointing either to the right or left. This serves as a way to remind drivers which side of the car the petrol cap is located! If you have been using the car for a while, you might not need the reminder. However, it is useful when you are driving a rental car or a brand-new vehicle. If you ask us, it sounds pretty handy.

Random Jean Buttons

People who love jeans are probably familiar with all those extra buttons scattered all over the pants, often somewhere around the pockets. It might seem odd, but you probably have no idea what they are for. Those buttons are actually pretty important. They are called rivets and are placed strategically on the garment to stop them from wearing out at the seams and ripping open. Jeans giant Levi Strauss is the owner of the patent on rivets. He came up with the idea when miners complained about how easily their jeans had been wearing out in 1829.

Pot Handle Holes

Unless you are a professional cook, you might not know why lots of pan and pot handles come with a hole. Firstly, it makes these pieces of kitchenware easier to hang up when not in use. After washing them, this is a great way to make sure they dry properly. Chefs also like to use the same hole to hold a ladle, stirring spoon, and other utensils. This is pretty convenient since it keeps the utensil clean!

Extra Trainer Holes

We are sure you have already noticed the extra holes at the top of shoes. It is not a design error, mind you. When you are shoes that are a little too big for you, it is not unusual to get blisters. Moreover, they make for a pretty uncomfortable fit. You can address the problem by sliding the shoelaces in the opposite extra hole. This will allow you to create a loop, which makes for an even tighter lock. If you want to sound like an expert, you should know that this is called the “heel lock” or the “lace lock”.

Winter Hat Pom-Poms

Winter hats are important if you want to keep your head warm and comfy during wintertime. Have you noticed all those pom-poms that come with these pieces of clothing? This fashion feature has been traced back to Scandinavia. The pom-pom was placed there to gather the seams when knitting was still very common. Even though this is no longer the case, the adorable feature has lived on!

Airplane Window Holes

Did you freak out a little when you first sat in the window seat and noticed the tiny hole in the airplane window? We have all been there. Why does it even exist? The breather hole, as it is called, lets the outer panes of the airplane deal with the pressure difference when an airplane goes higher. This makes the cabin stay at a comfortable and safe level. Should the outer pane ever get compromised, you should notice an air leak through the tiny hole!

Black Grating In The Microwave

We doubt you have ever inspected your microwave way too close. However, it is easy enough to notice the black grating on the door of the microwave. It is called the Faraday shield, and it prevents electromagnetic fields from escaping the microwave and warming people. You would be in danger without it AND your food would not get cooked. Which one is worse? Anyway, the more you know!

Dimples On Golf Balls

Golf balls aren’t really round… If you look at them all up close and personal, you will notice all the dimples on the surface. Apparently, golfers noticed that balls that have nicks and bumps tend to travel a longer distance. The imperfections create turbulence, which reduces drag. This is the reason they began to make golf balls with dimples to create more lift. If you are playing putt-putt, it won’t help much.

Long Bottle Necks

Have you ever noticed how adult beverages come in bottles with long necks? This shape makes beers more comfortable to hold during extended periods of time. It also allows easy pouring when you want to put them in a mug or glass. Unfiltered beers commonly use long-necks with a more bulbous neck to capture sediments. Long necks also distribute heat throughout the bottle, so you should thank them!

Can Tabs

If you have ever opened a can of soda, you are familiar with the can tabs already. If you are like most people, you probably find it annoying because it tends to detach and fall into the can! Apparently, the tab on these cans had been designed to become a straw holder. These days, it is not very common to use a straw to drink from a can. They even widened the mouth a while back to make this easier!

Double Keyboard Bumps

You might have noticed the bumps on the J and F keys on the computer keyboard. Apparently, the bumps were installed on the keys so that users can figure out the keyboard even when they have their eyes on the computer screen. When you type properly, your right pointer finger should rest on J, while the left one is on F. You do not need to look at the keyboard since the bumps are enough indication.

Measuring Tape Metal

We bet your parent or guardian once asked you to hold the end of the measuring tape! Perhaps you noticed the tiny piece of metal there. There a couple of reasons why it is located there. First, the little slot can be wrapped around a nail to hold the tape in place if you are working on your own. The edge also happens to be serrated, which comes in handy when you need to mark the surface.

Pen Cap Holes

At a glance, you might think there is something wrong with the pen cap because there is a hole in there. Do not worry, this was all done by design. It was installed there so air can freely flow in if it is accidentally swallowed by a kid or adult. This makes sense because there are a lot of people who like to put the pen caps in their mouths when they are thinking!

iPhone Camera Hole

If you own an iPhone, you might have noticed the little hole beside the camera lens. Anyway, the small hole is not a secret camera. It is a microphone! Since Apple introduced the iPhone 5, every smartphone comes with three mics. One is located under the speaker grill, another on the bottom edge, and the last one is beside the camera lens. This makes it easy to record sound no matter how you hold the phone.

Zigzag Side On Bobby Pins

Bobby pins come with a straight side and a wavy side. Often, the zigzag pattern is used facing toward the scalp. To be fair, it does look a bit cooler like that. The truth is that the wavy side helps secure the pin and keep it there the entire day. Why? Well, it is easier to hold onto the clump of hair this way.

Cable Cord Cylinders

Have you ever taken the time of the day to figure out what the cylinder-like lump at the end of the cord is? They are actually known as ferrite cores or chokes. They have magnetic iron oxide, which helps prevent high-frequency electromagnetic interference. If your phone is a little too close to your speaker, weird noses might interrupt the call. The big cylinders on those cable cords prevent such interruptions.

Apple Power Cord Wings

Do you own a MacBook? If so, you might have noticed the wings on the power cord. Do not worry if you have no idea what they are used for. Every single one of us had no clue why you can even pull them up. Apparently, flipping them up and then wrapping the cord around them makes it easier to charge since nothing will be in the way. It will come in pretty handy if you hate making messes!

Blue Part On The Eraser

You probably remember these erasers from your childhood! Why are there two separate colors anyway? Some said it could help erase pen ink, but the truth is that this part was meant to be used on thicker and stronger paper. It was intended for artists who used special kinds of paper instead of notebook or loose-leaf paper. How cool is it to solve one of the greatest mysteries of your childhood?

Square Patches On Backpacks

You might think the square patches on backpacks look cool, but there is more to them than just that. The pig snout or lashing square is supposed to help you carry additional gear! You can string cords and strings through there to help you hang stuff you cannot fit inside the bag. If you go camping, you will be glad to know such an interesting tidbit.

Colorful Ice Cream Scoops

Do you know why ice cream scoops come in all kinds of colors? Every single color is meant to represent a specific scoop size. Ice cream scoops have more than a dozen sizes depending on the number of scoops that go in the cup. Who would have thought the bright colors were more than just for show?

Rearview Mirror Tab

We hope that you regularly look in the rearview mirror when you drive. However, you might not have noticed the tab at the mirror’s bottom. Even if you did, perhaps you did not know what it was for. Apparently, it lets you change the mirror position to avoid getting blinded by headlights from behind. It deflects the light without preventing you from seeing what is happening behind your car!

Coin Ridges

We do not know if you ever noticed this, but both dimes and quarters come with rough edges that are not found in nickels and pennies. Feel free to check your coins if you do not believe us right away. Anyway, this is a remnant of the time when coins used to get stamped in different weights that reflect the value of the coin in question. They wanted to stop people from shaving the coin edges and then melting them to make new coins, which is why they put ridges using precious metals.

Trolley Loops

You might be able to fit a bunch of stuff in the trolley, but not many people realize there are loops that can help frame the fold-out section to protect the items. With the loops, you can hang vulnerable items that might get squished by the rest of your items. If you ask us, this is an example of good design!

Lined Paper Margins

Why does notebook paper come with margins? Moreover, why do the margins differ depending on what grade you are in? For the second question, you should know that things get more difficult the older you become. Meanwhile, the answer to the first one is that rat infestations were fairly common. They used to chew on whatever paper they found! With the margins in place, rats could eat the edges without getting to the important bits.

Paper Condiment Bowls

We all love ketchup with our fries! However, we do not enjoy having to come back to fill up a lot of the tiny paper condiment cups to get are fix. They also make it hard to dip into since they are so small. Your life will become much easier when you realize you need to unfold them like this!

Holes In Padlocks

We are sure you use a padlock for some reason. Did you ever notice that there is a hole or two at the bottom of the lock? The holes let the water come out when they get in. Locks are usually placed outside, so they need to be ready for all weather conditions. You can also pour WD-40 or oil in there in case it jams!

Detachable Car Headrests

During family road trips, you were probably seated in the backseat. You must have played with the headrest in front of you out of boredom as well! The headrest can actually come out of the seat. The reason behind this was so you can use the metal bars to crack the window in case of an emergency!

Coat Hangers Made With Wood

Wooden coat hangers are the way to go if you want to spice up your closet. However, they do not exist for aesthetic purposes. The hangers have been designed to repel moths and creepy crawlies. No one wants them near our clothes, right? Heavy clothing, especially wool ones, tend to attract all kinds of insects. The cedar wood material makes them smell pleasant, which then keeps the bugs and moths away.

Juice Box Flaps

Do you know why juice boxes come with heavy top flaps? You only need to look at this photo to find out why. The little angel in the picture figured out exactly what the bulky flaps are for. You should fold them outward so that they are easier to hold! Keep in mind that those juice boxes were made for ages 2 to 10. By folding the flaps this way, it is easier for their tiny hands to hold on to the box without it slipping. Of course, you can also use this trick no matter how old you might be by now!

Medicine Bottle For Adults

Did you know medicine bottles can be de-childproofed? Some bottles come with a cap that you can use to make your life so much easier; all you have to do is flip the bottle upside down! So simple, right? While this hack is great for adults, make sure not to show it to your kiddos!

TicTac Hack

Are you the kind of person that tosses a bunch of TicTacs into your hand and places all except the one you want back in the container? If you’re guilty of this, we have some great news for you. You may not know, but that indent at the top of your TicTac bottle’s cap is actually purposeful; it’s meant to catch one single TicTac when you tip the opening over. This saves your hand from getting dirty and saves you time in cleaning up your spillage.

The Hole In Your Spaghetti Spoon

Yes, these holes are used for draining the pasta out of water, but that’s not the only thing these spoon’s holes are good for! They can actually be used to measure out a certain amount of spaghetti. All you have to do here is stick the pieces of spaghetti through the holes and get a perfect measurement.

Grooves Between Tire Treads

Did you know these indents all over your tires do something other than leave a cool mark when you drive over a patch of snow? They actually serve a pretty important purpose: the lowest point in these grooves represents the lowest point your tire should ever get. For example, if your tires are smooth and you see no grooves, you should definitely replace them as soon as possible!

Petrol Pump Latch

Ever wonder what that weird latch on your petrol pump was for? Ever wondered why you’re standing there holding your gas pump in place while refueling your car? Well here’s a handy trick: That latch actually can get locked between the grooves on the gas pump handle so you can walk away from it and still pump gas into your car!

Toothpick Holder

Who knew some toothpicks came with built-in holders?! If you notice a ridged part of your toothpick, break it off and place it on the table. From there, place your toothpick inside of one of the ridges. This is such a convenient (and fun) way to keep your toothpick sanitary before putting it back into your mouth

Half Belt On Jackets

This style is generally seen on trench and pea coats. What is it for, though? They were originally developed for men in the military who had oversized jackets that doubled as blankets. The half belt was used to gather the extra material and hold it in place so soldiers could walk freely. Nowadays it’s just used as a fashion trend, but at one point they had real use!

Stapler Plates

Did you know metal plate on your stapler has a name? Yep! It’s called an anvil, and if you turn your stapler upside down you can adjust it by spinning the wheel until it lines back up with the square it sits on. This setting is for a “temporary staple”, and will push the arms of your staple outward instead of inwards, making it easier to pull out the staple later. Good to know!


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