Coffee machine repairs with Dancing Goat Coffee

Here at Dancing Goat Coffee we pride ourselves on taking care to ensure our customers can get the best out of the coffee equipment they have by providing service and breakdown repairs with our in house team of service technicians. If you have an issue with your coffee machine and are looking for a trustworthy and dedicated service partner please Contact Us for a no obligation chat and estimate to get you back making the best coffee you can today.

Here we have a short media clip showing a pressure leak on a weld, this machine was part-exchanged by the customer due to the cost of repair and age of the machine. The failure was on the highest pressure area of the machine behind the group head.

Old Bravilor Boiler showing signs of the hard water damage that has ultimately resulted in the heating element failure.

Pictured here is the new boiler showing the contrast between old (above) and new (to the left).

Espresso coffee machine boiler with hard water damage.

The build-up of limescale within boiler with the effect on the heat exchanger performance clearly visible.

Three Pictures showing the external evidence and internal effects of sediment within the group head on a Fracino 2 Group Coffee machine.

Please call us today if you would like to book in a service call 01904 280052 or contact us through our contact page.

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