Coffee in a bag! What's all this about then?

OK, so this invention has been round for a little while now, but we really struggled with re-training our brains from tea bags to coffee bags. You certainly couldn't accuse us of being shy at trying something out of the ordinary, so we just had to give them a go.

Wanting to keep the testing local we went straight for the Taylors of Harrogate option offering extraordinary flavour, sourced from the World's best growers and roasted in their traditional drum in #Harrogate.

These are available in a range of flavours including a 'Flying Start' and 'Decaffe' but as we like our coffee with some punch, we opted for 'Roast 6' in the range 'Hot Lava Java'. Check out the full range here

'Roast 6' promises a strong, dark, delicious coffee for a serious boost and it really didn't disappoint!

We left the bag in for for longer than the two minutes to get the fullest flavour (we did say that we like it strong!) and have to say that getting a hit of fresh coffee in such a quick and convenient way really hit the spot. When you are flagging this blend really is dynamite!

Have you given them a try yet? What did you think?

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