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As lockdown eases enjoy great coffee outdoors with your loved ones...

Now we are easing out of lockdown, we are, thankfully, at the very least going to be able to enjoy great coffee outdoors; at a local café, restaurant or in a park or garden with friends and loved ones, even if still at a safe distance. Sharing a coffee with our friends and family is something to be never taken for granted; but even without a sugar or syrup flavouring added, it’s going to taste that much sweeter.

So how do you enjoy your favourite Dancing Goat bean or blend drinking al fresco and most importantly fresca for longer? OK, let’s offer you some relief from the bilingual play on words especially as we would be laughed at by our Italian friends for asking to enjoy a fresh coffee ‘al fresco’…

Next time, you find yourself enjoying the Italian coffee culture you may want to think twice before making such a request. In Italy ‘al fresco’ is a term used to mean ‘in the chill’ or ‘keep cool’. So in this context, if you wanted to keep your wine cool it makes perfect sense. However, the term also has another meaning which can leave you looking not so cool! If you request to drink your coffee ‘al fresco’, you are actually requesting to drink the coffee ‘in prison’! This likely derives from the fact prisons were traditionally very cold places… We are just about to be released from a ‘lockdown prison’ so the last place we want to drink a coffee with your family and friends is socially distanced behind bars!

So how do you enjoy great coffee outdoors?…

Well, the obvious place to start is of course at your favourite café or restaurant, where you know they are serving a Dancing Goat blend or bean, expertly crafted by their in-house barista…cue mouth watering at the very thought! It’s always nice to support your local establishment, and especially after the last 12 months, you will be welcomed back with open arms, a big smile and a fresh coffee. If your local café or restaurant has the amenities to serve you a fresh coffee outdoors, we’re sure this will hit the spot as an initial first treat out of lockdown…

Of course, others will be craving the same so if you can’t squeeze into a café or restaurant there are other ways you can enjoy coffee outdoors.

Sharing a coffee with friends and family at home…

Pour-over coffee is an ideal way of brewing and sharing coffee with others in your garden at home. There are several pour-over methods that can help you create that quality café flavour with a great tasting Dancing Goat ground coffee. Our preferred choice is the drip brew method and there are several options available to cater for all budgets and quantities…

A recent addition to the Dancing Goat webshop is the stylish and practical V60 Decanter. The decanter uses the drip brew method and offers a unique and practical design that’s sole purpose is to create a great-tasting brew from ground coffee… Other drip brew methods include the classic Chemex and Hario V60 dripper.

Read more about the V60 Decanter in our recent blog post

You can also read more about how to make coffeehouse quality coffee at home with drip brew methods, a domestic machine and a traditional French press in this article

How about pairing the drip brew method with our new Mexican Finca Aurora coffee? Available in both ground and whole bean.

A freshly brewed or extracted coffee enjoyed at the park…

So many of us have been enjoying a fresh espresso-based drink as a takeaway option from our local cafes or restaurant throughout lockdown, and this is always a good place to start if you are heading to the park. You can also knock up a fresh espresso-based coffee for you and your mates if you have a domestic coffee machine, delivered in something like our bamboo takeaways cups. If they have never tried a Dancing Goat cuppa, you’ll be able to gloat on your barista skills and your coffee know-how on our behalf! Just make sure you don’t leave it too long until you meet them as with any takeaway option you will lose the heat quicker than if you have a vacuum cup or flask.

Mix things up and try some different flavours to share those important coffee moments with your loved ones with our best sellers whole bean bundle and best sellers ground coffee selection.

How to enjoy great coffee on a walk…

If you are heading out for longer for a socially distanced walk with a friend, why not use a thermos flask? Vacuum flasks and cups are very versatile offering you the option to carry ground coffee brew or espresso-based drink. Options we recommend for a thermos are flat white or black coffee. Brewed either by espresso with additional hot water or a drip brew method.

Check this article on how to get that perfect froth in your coffee made at home

Giving the gift of great coffee is sure to put a warm smile on your loved ones faces this and if they’ve not yet had the pleasure of trying a Dancing Goat bean or blend then they will be delighted to be in receipt of such a thoughtful gift, especially if you are unable to meet them outdoors! Vouchers can be used towards both Dancing Goat coffee for home and domestic equipment…gift vouchers are available to buy from the Dancing Goat Coffee at home store.


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